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Any 'science' guys out there will probably appreciate this

I am pleased to announce that the excellent Python high-precision astronomical ephemeris calculation routines written by Brandon Rhodes are now available for Maemo OS2008. It was very easy to port

As for myself, I am currently in the process of writing an application using these routines, and it made sense to release the libraries as a separate package -- so that others could also take advantage of them without requiring my own (future) application.

There are no 'screen shots', since they are 'just' libraries, but I have added a link to more info on my 'software' page:

I also wish to (again) give credit to 'PyPackager' for making it so easy to make 'deb' packages for our Internet Tablets!

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Sweet thanks!
When you get your app done please pm me.
Anyway to port Celestia or Stellarium?
I think the n800 is perfect for Astronomy. Think about going out side and using n800 with an Astronomy app.
keep up the great work. Dan

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I would love to write, or port, something as beautiful as Celestia or Stellarium. My own efforts are *much* humbler at this point -- right now I only intend to write a text-based 'ephemeris' style program giving date/time/coordinate values. To make it a bit more flexible, I intend to also allow the reading of position/time from a bluetooth GPS.

My wish is that someone would either develop 'Stars' on Maemo further than it already has been, or to port 'Xephem' to Maemo. Since XEPhem uses the same routines as PyEphem does, it is (perhaps) a bit more realistic.

When I see all the *beautiful* graphically-oriented applications that others have written for Maemo, I become jealous, annoyed, and depressed
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Could I leave here my wishes for an astronomy program too? It would really be a great addition to the tablets.

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