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btw, Miranda also has IRC plugin, so if you already use it on Windows, why not check it.

I really hate hangin' out on IRC though. Needs too much attention.
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Originally Posted by qwerty12 View Post
Good reasoning. But people seriously have flamewars over irc clients?

Indeed, Irssi also likes to segfault from time to time too.
That's how it starts!

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Originally Posted by Texrat View Post
That's how it starts!


True . Irssi is a good client and works well on desktop linux but all the builds for maemo segfault
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Originally Posted by Texrat View Post
LOL... I forgot about that. Did you see the thread?
What thread? ВitсhX thread? Yes, but as you see I have solved that problem for myself.
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Hehe, a shameless plug, here is a maemo version of weechat
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Originally Posted by qwerty12 View Post
But people seriously have flamewars over irc clients?
Ummm.... Yeah.

Which irc program to use is a choice.
Where there is a choice, there is a wrong choice.
Where there is a wrong choice, you will make it.
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ok, newbie here,

i figured out how to connect to the server and register. but i can't connect to the maemo channel or even find it.

what is the way that i can do this on pidgin or even on a desktop?

there are no EXPLICIT LINE BY LINE instructions anywhere that i can see and have looked for an hour or more.

one thing i don't understand stand is whether i type in and then add the maemo channel later -- or if I should type in the exact maemo server (which I couldn't figure out)

I tried variations like, and but no luck

thanks in advance,

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I don't have a link on hand, but Googling "irc tutorial" should give you lots of results. IRC is mostly a command-line style interface. Presuming you're using Pidgin, XChat, or something else that has a GUI for accounts, and you're already connected, just type
/join #channel-name
a '/' at the beginning of a line denotes an IRC command

EDIT: #maemo's a pretty friendly place, but you'll probably want to read up on IRC usage and etiquette before you head out into that area of the Internet, as some people/channels don't take kindly to ignorance, just because they're jerks, and there are plenty of unintentional faux pas that are easy to commit.
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Hi everyone

I hope that more persons will join the irc #n900 channel at the freenode network. It would be nice to have more going on in there, and nice just to exchange smalltalk and so on about the N900.

So come join us in there! See you.
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