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I already posted this in the Accessories section but I think this also deserves a spot in this section as well~

took this deal directly from this slickdeals thread so credits go to that person!

awesome SD card deal to upgrade your n800

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Originally Posted by briand View Post
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Am still looking through the details ...seems a good deal.
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I did this deal the last time SanDisk did this. You can buy from lots of retailers, but I used Adorama, just like here. The sweet spot then was on the 8GB cards, or that was what I wanted. It worked out great. They send you a prepaid Visa card instead of a check, and I had no trouble with it.
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Yeah, maybe ... the SDSDRX3 is not listed on the rebate form. The only ones on the form (SD) are the SDSDX3 (notice the missing R) and the Ducati SDSDPX3 ... don't know if that matters ...


[edit] A little search of Sandisk shows the SDSDX3 to be SD, not SDHC ... so I'm guessing it matters.
btw ... the Ducati card costs $129 ... wowza!

[further edit] There is a listing on Amazon by BlueProton which pictures an SDHC card, but lists it as the SDSDX3 ... but that is the wrong number for that card (or the wrong picture). Either way, by my rekoning, the SDHC is not on rebate (i.e. SanDIsk is dumping non-HC cards).

... still $38.01 (for the SDHC linked by slickdeals) is a pretty good price for that card, rebate or no.

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