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open-axiom-1.1.0 successfully compiled and runed on n810 , though there're some problems with 2d graph(3d graph is ok) and output label display.

Here is the tarball,no deb).
Become root and untar it under root path to install(all files will be installed into /usr/local/).
The application depends on libxaw7, gcc(or libgcc1) and libgmp3c2, make sure that those packages have already installed before run "open-axiom".
libgmp3c2 is compiled from debian source, you can get it from here:

Details of problem:
1. output label does not display correctly. For example, output "(12)" is sometimes displayed as "(1)".
2. when run 2d draw command "draw(sin, -%pi .. %pi)", not picture displayed but error "Not an integer" occured.

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Posts: 6 | Thanked: 27 times | Joined on Jul 2008
new version 1.2.0 compiled and all above problem dispeared after changed to a new compiled gcl(maybe there're some problem with the gcl I used before), also modify the source of 2D & 3D graph viewer, to make viewport window and control window embeded into a same window(via XEMBED).

main program is still not deb, become root and use command "p7zip -d" to unarchive the file : open-axiom-1.2.0_armel.7z. The program also depend on libgmp3c2, and gcc(install via "apt-get install").

The files below is necessary if you want to comiple the OpenAxiom yourself:
  • gcl-2.6.7
    the language(lisp) which OpenAxiom is written. ecl is also ok, but too slow(both compile and run).
  • libgmp3-dev
    gmp3 dev package, also depend on libgmpxx4ldbl.
  • other develop packages
    libxt-dev, ibxpm-dev, libxmu-dev, libxaw-dev etc.
  • some patchs & gtk_viewport.c(see attachments)
    patch the open-axiom-1.2.0 source with open-axiom.view2D.diff.gz and open-axiom.view2D.diff.gz before compile.
    before run open-axiom, compile gtk_viewport:
    gcc -o gtk_viewport `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0` gtk_viewport.c
    and move gtk_viewport to any directory in $PATH.

Two picture attachments is the 2D graph of function f(x)=sin(x) and 3D graph of f(x,y)=sin(x*x+y*y)
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File Type: gz gtk_viewport.c.gz (639 Bytes, 50 views)

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