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I'm running into a weird problem and just wanted to see if anyone else had come across it.

I'm running an N800 and OS2008. Since the 30-2 upgrade, I can't open the NY Times website homepage...however, every single other site on the internet (and other pages in the domain which I access through links or the RSS feed app) works fine.

I'm kind of a noob, but from what I can tell, as the site begins to load the slideshows and video on the front page, browserd shows a huge spike in CPU load (like 1,000,000%), the browser goes through a couple of reload loops and then exits to the main screen on the tablet. Sometimes it'll kick me to a reload page, but when I click on that link I just go through the reload loop and then exit. Sometimes I'll get an error box telling me the operation is being ended due to low memory. I've got about 100 MB free on the tablet and have a 128 MB virtual memory file as well.

Has anyone else come across this (which would indicate the problem might be with how the site is configured and not the N800)?


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I read the NY Times site several times a day, and I don't think I'm the only one here. I haven't had any particular problems.
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I reflashed the N800, but I'm getting the same problem. I've isolated it to the Flash elements on the NYT front page...if I disable Flash, the page will load. However, it won't work with Flashblock. But why the problem on my N800 is only with the NY Times website is beyond me.

Very strange.
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Now that I think of it, I use Flashblock routinely. I'm so used to it, I forgot! When you say "it won't work with Flashblock", you mean the flash won't activate, or what?
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No, what happens is that Flashblock won't block the Flash elements from loading (they load the instant I scroll the page using the sidebar, even though I'm careful not to click on the Flash stuff itself). When the Flash elements load, that seems to be what causes the CPU load spike in browserd that shuts the browser down.

I never had a problem with the Flash stuff before a couple of days ago (about when I loaded the 30-2 update). And I've only had the problem on the NY Times website. I sent them an email to see if they have any explanation. I guess I'll try reflashing again and this time not accepting the 30-2 update and see if that does anything.

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