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Hello Everyone.

Newbie here, and recent owner of a N810. So far, I love my device, but I want to clear up some current confusion.

I use a Razr v3m silver from Verizon Wireless as my cell phone. I have a regular minutes plan along with a text message plan that make up my monthly bill. I'm very interested in syncing my cell phone and tablet so that I can access the internet at all times vs. relying on a wifi connection.

I came across this link via another post in this forum. It appears to me that I can indeed use my phone, via bluetooth, to access and use the internet. It appears, from the link, that I will need to add a data plan (I believe $15/month) in order to do this.

My questions are as follows:

Can anyone confirm the fact that what I'm assuming is correct, and if so, what is the best way to go about getting internet access with the tablet via my cell phone? Should I go to a Verizon store in person and explain my situation? Any "key words" I should use in order to clear up any confusion with whoever I encounter at Verizon?

There appears to be a "monthly allowance" of 5 GB. What exactly does that entail, and how much access will that allow me to have before going over my "allowance"?

How fast will my internet connection be on the tablet using my razr?

Lastly, will I be able to receive phone calls while using the cell phone for an internet connection in conjunction with my tablet? Does the connection simply get cut off with an incoming phone call?

I'm sorry for all my questions, but if this is a viable option in regards to having unlimited access to the internet on my tablet, well, that would huge for me.

Thanks in advance for all your answers!
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If you search around these forums there is step by steps on how to do it.....some keywords for u:

razr bluetooth
verizon tether

The problem u will have is the $15/mo plan i do not believe is a tethering plan which means that if you got caught you'd be looking at a pretty decent phone bill... the tether plans are usually more expensive.

On my blackberry if i receive a call it interrupts my id say yes... but i dont know if the razr or some other phone has the capability of doing both.
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I don't know from Verizon, but while you're waiting for someone to come forward with good advice, try

visiting for some great information.

And search here. I would suggest key words like "tethering," "Verizon" "razr" and whatever else you think of.

5 GB will probably let you do what you want, I would guess. It sounds like a lot, but it goes fast.

There may be ways you can tether for free -- tethering means using the cell phone's wireless to access the internet with your tablet.

Look up at the top here for Wiki, another source of good information.

And Tablet Scene, a site associated with this one, may also help.

Edit: I guess fatalsaint types faster than me! Sorry for duplicating some of what he said.

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Originally Posted by fatalsaint View Post
On my blackberry if i receive a call it interrupts my id say yes... but i dont know if the razr or some other phone has the capability of doing both.
It may depend on the phone and/or the carrier. On my phone (check my signature) all incoming calls go straight to voicemail when I'm using the phone for internet.
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i know in AT&T, if on the 3g network, i can make and receive calls while online.

if im on the edge network, it will drop the internet when a call comes in

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