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I had this problem that Xephyr kept crashing when I clicked an editable area in the maemo sdk.
This is the bug in question:

The latest version of Zephyr 1.6.3 has this fixed. And I found it in the ubuntu repo here:

It's part of the karmic release.

All I did was remove xephyr, temporarily add
deb karmic main
to sources.list
then apt-get update and reinstall xephyr, to get all the dependencies updated.
Then I removed the karmic repository from sources.list again.

This is probably not the way it's supposed to be done, but it worked for me. I'm not a linux guru so I have no idea what the correct way is to go about these things.

I use Linux Mint Gloria that is based on ubuntu jaunty.

Anywa I was annoyed that there was no good explanation anywhere on how to solve this, so I thought I'd make my solution public.

The gurus can add a proper way to do it below, thank you.

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It would probably be slightly safer to write a script to wget the .deb and any dependencies and using dpkg to install them, rather than add the repository, as if you're not careful you might find yourself updated to karmic before it's ready!
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Instead of using a Karmic repository and risking getting something you don't want (and really fowling up your system);

I used the repository at for the Xephyr & XServer (is actually the broken component) replacement for Ubuntu Jaunty.

They have re-compiled the Xserver with just that single patch that was released to truck a while back to fix this issue.


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Nice. That was what I was actually looking for, but couldn't find it at the time, so I just went with the karmic repo. Im just not very patient. I was tearing my hair out after 5 minutes of searching

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