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Originally Posted by qole View Post
We have successfully done some community editing of documentation in the wiki. I would be very interested in participating in something like that for the user manual.

Filing bugs in bugzilla for typos in the user manual seems inappropriate to me.
Ok. Good to hear that there is interest in community editing of documentation. I think I will start a separate discussion about this topic in this forum later, after I've done my bit of investigation first I'll take your name down in my list anyhow

As to the bugs: Typos are always considered as minor bugs, they are not critical in the sense that they do not prevent the user from accomplishing a task. They may stand out of course, and give a negative impression of the quality, but still the users are happy that they have found a solution to a particular problem that may have had.

If there are typos in the localised versions of the guide (unfortunately, translators may make typos), please file them in Bugzilla. We can have these fixed in the translation memories so that they are not inherited to the next release, or even to the next product.

When user documentation is concerned, major bugs are always those cases when something is missing from the user guide that really should be there, or if the instructions are simply wrong in the sense that if the users follow the instructions, they cannot complete a task because of erroneous information.

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seems like the manual is missing from Nokia site

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