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As title said, perhaps upgrade the server? Or get more servers & load balanced them?

Really putting me off making comments, suggestions and vote to promote the applications.

Any actions take ages to execute.

This is real poor, think about a few weeks ahead when apps begin to flood in with the N900 release.

I'm on a 18meg line here, Talk is the only section that doesn't seem to suffer.

I think this may got something to do with the back-end databases, there's a bottleneck somewhere. Perhaps do some profiling?

Until the speed is resolved, there'll be apps waiting for weeks to get promoted and get lack of useful feedbacks from the community.
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I have also noticed very slow loading times for pages, sometimes to the point where it is faster to ask on irc than to find the right page. I've seen loading times in the 30 second to 1 minute range just for a relatively simple page to begin loading. I hope this is resolved soon. I appreciate the very nice things on the site and the hard work the folks running the site are doing, but more responsive servers would be a big improvement.
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We are in the process of changing ISP. New hardware is coming. Still some weeks of pain, but everything should be sorted out at some point of December. Our apologies - we are suffering these problems just like you.

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I believe it was said somewhere (I'll have a hunt for where) that the main site is expecting to migrate to a new server in December, which will fix the problem. If I'm wrong about that, I'm sure someone will be quick to put me right with a slap from a wet haddock.

Edit: Darn. Too slow again.
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Originally Posted by Venomrush View Post
As title said, perhaps upgrade the server? Or get more servers & load balanced them?
"Server migration" is a task (9.10-07, specifically) during the current sprint. It entails new servers being brought online during the process of an ISP move. The increase in traffic hitting the servers has been overwhelming, obviously.
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