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I signed up for the Helsinki meet. I only have one question to the flagship store crew: Where can I leave the ~ 600 EUR and walk away with the device. I hope they have a simple answer for me
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Originally Posted by anidel View Post
I will be going to the London flagship when they'll release the date.

Who else will be going?
I'm there!
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Got into Helsinki... I have work that day though, hope that I can make it =/

edit: wish they gave us a time =/
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pray tell what happens at these meetups?

a foam party?

cheese and wine?

a presentation of the new phone?(i'd much rather be sitting at home playing with it)

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Chicago here...on the list
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Wish I could go. I'm a loooong way from London. I have some leave at the end of October, but I doubt I'll make this. *Sigh*
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Originally Posted by Mengs View Post
edit: wish they gave us a time =/
The Helsinki event is at eight. It's a bit odd that the information is not there in the actual signup, but this is what they say at
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waiting for london
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I just went past the flagship store about half an hour ago. They had a note on the door that they will be closing early (6:30 pm) today, but no other signs or activities about this evening's party.

The "bathtub-sized" N97-dummys are still in the windows with Finnish texts "N97 is here!"

Only about 2 more hours and then it all starts...
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Heading to the Helsinki Flagship store. Jussi told me to be there at 19h. Either that is the time when the ting starts or he wants me to work on something before the opening.

I'm in Pasila, so I'll let you know soon.

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