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In practice this is simple: if [ Softcatalà] wants to drive this then the execution is basically guaranteed. If that is the case we will do our best flying someone from the [ Transifex] project and from the Maemo i18n/L10n team.

Someone told me that Jordi Mas had been forwarding emails about the Long Weekend but it's been a while since I was subscribed to the lists of Softcatalà. Som-hi?
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Venga, a animarse. Maemo 5 y la N900 es algo realmente novedoso para los amantes del software libre. Cuanto mejor sea la respuesta local más gorda la podremos liar.
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Puc mirar d'aconseguir un desenvolupador de fennec que parla anglès i francès, si li paguen el desplaçament des de Paris, però aleshores necessitarem un traductor o un public amb bon nivell d'anglès. Que hi dieu?

Puedo conseguir que venga un desarrollador de fennec que habla inglés i francés, si le pagan el viaje des de Paris, pero entonces necesitamos un traductor o un publico con buen nivel de inglés. Que decis?

It's possible to have a fennec developer with us in the Barcelona Lons Weekend if you pay him the travel from Paris but then we need a translator or a public with good english skills. What do you think?
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I'd prefer someone with intermediate level but better Spanish... Otherwise we could just bring known experts in the rest of tracks as well.

Unless all the participants in the training are good enough in English but at least few years ago that was sadly not a normal situation.

The opinion of those of you interested in the training and planning to assist is crucial here.

(I was hesitating about the best language to answer here. Hum, I was "missing" this multimedia schyzofrenia.
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Suggestion: Category:Event (or Category:Events) and link these gatherings from Wiki Intro? This allows easier management of Events. (Done.)

Also can include this one and FOSDEM 2010?

Has anyone taken look on the RSS2ICS converters I posted the other day?
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I'm interested in attending as an official Mer representative (Stskeeps casually, informally mentioned to me that it would be good if I could go).

I'm interested in translations and have 3 years of experience in that specific area. I'm managing Mer's i18n/l10n infrastructure.

I'm also interested in gaining some UX experience and suggestions for Mer.

In Maemo I'm bugging devs to implement i18n/l10n infrastructures for their apps and I also submit translations of my own for Maemo5 Extras wherever I can (e.g. gPodder).

I would require sponsorship in order to attend.

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I have sent a story to (spanish slashdot) to spread the event by this local community (it isn't the same that it was years ago though). Let's see if they publish it.
Also, I'll try to move it by some spanish blogs related to Maemo and free software.

Related to the talks, I'm not an expert in any topic, but if it isn't possible to find a real expert, I could give the Python one or the Hildon/Gtk+ one.
It shouldn't be in the same time that the UX event though (if I'm accepted in the latter, of course).
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Well, I think we (we means me and maybe some other local kde developer) could help you by giving some talks about KDE if you're interested.
At least the introduction to Qt sounds fairly easy and porting KDE apps to Maemo might be doable without much problem (since we still have time to prepare).
There's also the Eclipse talk that, since I'm a KDevelop developer I could give if we changed to "First steps with KDevelop4 IDE", but of course that depends on you being interested on that. Of course it is possible to use KDevelop4 to work on your maemo applications (to some extent, I think remote gdb is not working yet but oh well :P).

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Great news apol!

Feel free taking ownership of the session about porting KDE apps. Why not adding an intro to KDevelop for Maemo development. Let's see ths week if we get owners for the Qt session and the one about Eclipse. If not (the problem is not lack of experts at Nokia but Spanish speakers) then we can discuss whether we go for the KDE team again or a Nokian in English.

btw I'm assuming that people will prefer training in Spanish over English but please let me know if you think otherwise.

Also, if you feel that more people would get involved having a thread in Spanish/Catalan please just start one here in the Community forum.

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