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Language/s: C
IDE: esbox
Project: webtexter
Progress: Basics working. Needs some polishing and cleaning up but should be usable by end users.
Distribution: Free
Purpose/goal of project: Use free webtexts provided by your operator. Supports Irish mobile operators and some Voip providers (e.g. betamax)
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Language/s: C++
Ubuntu, EsBox

just started
Purpose/goal of project:
Application to access rememberthemilk tasks (maybe later sync them with N900 tasks, integrate them into calendar... lots of ideas here)

Purpose/goal of project
Application interface for service (updating your status) Maybe adding a desktop widget for more convenience...

Felix Rohrbach
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Project: mOTK
Purpose/goal of project: Have a way to play TCGs (Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, VS system, etc) across many platform, as well as teach myself a few things.
Progress: 1%. Starting to thing this a job for more than one person. Or at least a person that has more free time, lol.
License: LGPL
Distribution: Not yet
Language/s: Python
IDE: Vim (more details here)

Project: Aptly
Purpose/goal of project: Simply command-line based package management by aggregating the most useful functions of apt-get, apt-cache, and dpkg. Also, this was a learning experience for me.
Progress: 50% (I've rewritten it)
Distribution: Fremantle, Diablo, and any other Debian-derivative
License: GPLv3
Language/s: Python
IDE: Vim (more details here)

Project: MaeGym
Purpose/goal of project: fitness and nutrition app for the N900
Progress: 48% (every point release is 10%)
Distribution: Fremantle
License: GPLv3
Language/s: PyQt
IDE: Vim (more details here)

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Hi ,

Can anybody tell me how to open a existing projects(examples given) in esbox?

I am starting development in maemo platfrom with the following details:

Purpose/goal of project: learning

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Language/s: Python (eventually C if/when I can get SDK+ running)
IDE: vi / py2deb / svn on the device
Project: mwTube
Progress: 60% (usable, but not feature-complete)
License: BSD
Distribution: currently in extras-devel
Purpose/goal of project: Small & fast London Tube (underground) status display.
Using as a learning project for the N900.

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Language/s: C
IDE: gedit
Project: marhythm
Progress: 75% (First public version)
License: BSD
Distribution: extras-devel (soon)
Purpose/goal of project: application that displays biorhythm info about your contacts (and yourself). It can help you to track the mood of your contacts. (According to the biorhythm theory)
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This is all very interesting to me -- particularly the diversity of IDEs. Clearly people have their pet favorites.
* n810 since Feb 2009
* Most-used apps: Opera, gPodder, Panucci, Tomiku, Canola, Quasar, MaemoMapper, ATI85, Maemopad+, AisleRiot Solitaire, Anagramarama, Rapier, Gnumeric, pyRDesktop
* Mobile-friendly URLs of popular sites
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Language/s: Python
IDE: jEdit
Project: comix
Progress: In Extras-Devel, should be feature complete.
License: GPLv2
Distribution: free
Purpose/goal of project: To learn about developing in Maemo again, and to read comics... although there's already the excellent CBRpager for that.

Language/s: C++ (sdl)
IDE: jEdit
Project: freeciv
Progress: In Extras-Devel, work in progress on improving integration with hildon.
License: GPL
Distribution: free
Purpose/goal of project: Just to play my favorite game on my tablet.

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(This is a university group research project, but I feel it's still relevant here)
Language/s: C/C++ (with Qt). Looking at Matlab (if anyone has experience with using Matlab/Simulink on embedded Linux, systems, please PM me - there are a few questions I'd like to ask you)
IDE: KDevelop4/Vim (Linux), XCode (Mac), and probably VS on Windows, but I haven't asked the Windows guys
Project: Positioning technology (hardware && software)
Progress: Prototype essentially done, but partially blocked by a third-party bug.
License: Not sure yet, and not in my control. Backend code at least will be proprietary, as far as I can gather.
Distribution: Internal research for now, but exploring options for the future.
Purpose/goal of project: Develop a cross-platform, infrastructure-free solution for use in mobile context awareness, routing, etc.
My personal reason for joining was to give me an interesting project to work on; I need/want to learn Qt and the Maemo Platform, and I learn much faster diving in headfirst than studying from a book. Oh, and the loan of an N900 was a small part of it. Thanks Nokia!
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Without a doubt one of the best threads here. Thanks to code177 for starting it and to all contributors doing such a great job of helping us noobs enjoy the N900's obvious potential. I have no idea what most of you folks are talking about here but the 'purpose/goals' section has me checking apps manager regularly in anticipation. Big cheers!

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