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Thanks for the hint, if university exams end in time, i will try to contact them
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100 participants registered:

Which means that I can start preparing a 3rd N900 to be raffled.

Remember: the deadline to join the raffle is this weekend!
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Will we be asked whether to participate in th raffle when picking up the badge because my loaner already is until Sept. 2010 and I will send back the loaner when I receive my DDP device. So I'd rather not want to participate in the raffle to give others who need the 1 year loaner more than me a better chance.
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We'll sort out the details.
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153 participants registered means 4 devices raffled.
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Sorry for this question, probably I missed something, but: when the rules you posted about raffled devices were changed?

In particular you wrote that the raffling would have happened on sunday afternoon and that was for all people who had taken the badge within saturday morning at 11:00.

This is what happened instead: devices were raffled on saturday afternoon, at 18:00 more or less and even if someone was in the list of people who had taken the badge, actually were discarded all people/names not present in the common room at that time.

I was present and I'm not bothering why I wasn't choosen (I already have one device to develop/hack with) but I don't think that was completely fair for lot of other people.

The time/day when you raffled the devices was changed without giving any kind of advise, even people present at the moment was surprised when ******* (don't remember the name of that woman) started raffling.

If I missed something, sorry for having to ask this.
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Hi Andrea,

We did have a short discussion during the event to reach that decision, I'll post it here just so if anyone wants to know why too.

Even though the date & time was posted Sunday afternoon, there were quite a few people who would have left by then due to train / plane schedule etc.

That and the fact that actually a lot of people were thinking the raffle would be Saturday, we decided to go for that afternoon, also assuming that whoever would be on Sunday would be there on Saturday too.

Unfortunately I was not able to edit Quim's post - I could e.g. have tweeted about it or posted here too, but that would still not be fair to all and every participant of the event.

But really the idea was to reward those interested in the whole long weekend - and those who have a project ongoing will be - so if anyone feels like they have been especially affected by this let us know and we can try and work something out.

BR, Janaina

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We (the l10n group) were on the first floor on saturday afternoon and we finished work, and left, about 18:15h-18:30h, and nobody explained us what was going on, that the rules had changed and that you were doing the raffle downstairs at that moment.
It's not a matter of getting or not the device, I can survive without it , but considering all the communication methods we had at our hands, not excluding just coming upstairs and explaining to whoever was there the new planning, I think we could have avoided to have this conversation, just that.

Anyway, thanks a lot to all the organisation and attending people for such a nice event and hope to meet you again.

Josep Sanchez
email: josep.sanchez [AT] ubuntu [DOT] cat

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Good morning, we're two friends who attended the maemo over the long weekend: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. we were excited about this new phone because earlier work with the n810 and n800 was very interesting. We have just set up a business company and we have two projects in mind for the n900 because it is more powerful. we were interested in the raffle to see if we played a n900 to develop these two projects and the surprise was that on Sunday at 4pm everyone gone. We suposed that the raffle had been done. Then we learned that the raffle was on Saturday afternoon.On Saturday afternoon we attended the conference which ended at 5:25 pm, the last was that of Philip Erias (Porting GNOME applications to Maemo 5). According to the schedule there were only the "TAPAS" so we went home losing raffle.
otherwise the weekend was very interesting and everyone has been very nice.

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