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Hey everyone,

Was very excited to get a N900 yesterday but right out of the box I noticed that I have no mic audio. I know the odds of this being a hardware issue are pretty good since I hadn't mucked with anything but wanted to see if anyone had any ideas.

On-board mic audio does not work for any application. (Phone, video, voice recorder) I can use the included headset and the phone switches to the headset profile works like a champ. When I say the mic doesn't work I mean there is NO audio present what-so-ever. (No hum, noise or anything. Total silence.)

Fired up alsamixer to take a peek and I do not seem to have a capture device? Insert the headset and then PGA switches to capture and goes to 40.

Any ideas? Also any advice on who I should contact first? Nokia or Amazon. If it turns out to be truly broken I'm sure it's going to be a long wait for a replacement. So much for getting it early.

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Received my N900 this morning (finally) but the microphone is not working ie. The other person on the call can not hear me.

Anyone have a similar problem or heard of this problem before ?? searched, but nothing.

To resolve Ive tried the following without any luck:-

- Flashed standalone
- Flashed NSU
- Call recorder software does not pickup anything up
- Phone works with headphones
- Mute / unmute doesnt do anything

Annoyed or what. Any suggestions ? Thanks
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Looks like you aren't the only one

Thread merge?
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This sucks, see there is another user complaining about this in a recent thread.

Mine works, and for comparison, alsamixer shows: Master and Capture (without headphones that is).

That's why I prefer to buy in store: if it doesn't work I just return it immediately and get a new one on the spot.
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Originally Posted by mobiledivide View Post
Thread merge?
Yep. Done.
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No mic here
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dnastase - Thanks for the info. Can you do an alasamixer -c0 then tab over to Capture and tell me if you have a capture device there? (Says capture in red under it)

Thanks for the thread merge - sorry to hear others having the same issue but hopefully that means it's not hardware.
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Its looking like a good few people that got their devices today have had microphone fails.. This is bad new. Maybe Nokia rushed on the production line to get the devices shipped..
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Can't wait for Engadget to pick this up... "It's still not a phone"

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This sucks what a joke.

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