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I want to port a C++/GLUT application (a little snake game) and need some help to get started.

I use the Code::Blocks IDE and would prefer to use it to compile for N900/Maemo5. But, after searching I can not see a solution for that. I would be glad for pointers to such solution.

Eclipse/ESbox looks like next choise. Any pointers for how to set up in Ubuntu 9.10?

OpenGL vs OpenGL ES
The little snake game I want to port use GLUT (or maybe freeGLUT) OpenGL libraries. Now I wonder if I can use these libraries, and if not, what shall I use?

I would be thankful for any pointers to information and guides to get going. I ordered the N900 device yesterday, waiting for delivery. I think it will be cool to have my own snake game on this device. If success I might even publish it. Snake is cool
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did you get started on this?
It'll be great if you could point me to something that can get me started in doing so..

I've a similar problem.. need to port an existing glut c++ prog to the n900..
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No, sorry, did not get started.

Still want to though, but need help to start. Maybe we need to port from glut to egl or sdl. I am novice and do not want to do anything without clear advice .

Good luck to you

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