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At the moment when I miss a call, there's only visual sign of it. It's not very useful when I have my N900 in my pocket. It'd be very handy if there was a sound (beep) notification for it as well. It might play every 5 minutes for example. Actually the best solution would be if a phone user could set time intervals, sound and behaviour for specific event (call, text, mail).

You can vote here:

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Thanks for creating this Brainstorm. However, the process is to create the original Brainstorm item as a problem, then add 1 or more proposed solutions. Can you edit your entry to follow that template?

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Thanks Texrat. I've changed the Brainstorm. Hopefully it's ok now.
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This is a good idea.
I miss this from my N95 too, and have already missed a few messages for hours, because I didn't noticed them when I got them.
But where would this suggestion go, other than just being a page in the brainstorm section ?
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A per item implementation would be nice! I dont want reminders for IM but for SMS and calls but VoIP.
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If some activity will be here - implement a "night mode" - don't sound from pressing some button until 6am local time or cancel this mode.

I added proposal to brainstorm, but again - it is painfully slow, browser still waits response from web server...

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Hi There,
I had the same kind of issue and i created a post for it which resulted in me creating a bug report that was rejected .. heres the full post

here is my issue which also applied to calls (with possible way to resolve)
Hi All,
I use my N900 as a music device when driving in my car (i have it connected to my car stereo)

I have noticed that if i receive a message while the media player is open the message appears in a bubble for about 4 seconds then dissapears so if i miss the message time frame of 4 seconds I then have to do a few presses to get to the message application to view the message which is not feasable whilst driving so i cant view the message until i've stopped at some lights or something.
What used to happen with my N95 8GB (which i also used the media player in the same way) was a notification would appear saying '1 message received) then it was a swift 1 button press and i could scan the message to ensure it wasn't an urgent message

Is there any way to set it so the message stays on screen until i touch the screen or increase the number of seconds it stays on screen for (60 seconds would give me ample time to scan the message contents or press the bubble text which would open up messages app)
would it need someone to create an add on app
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Added another solution for night mode.
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this is highly profiles related, I am sorry to not provide any links (search doesnt work for me, again) but please consider to post links in the related threads
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Reminder for missed events will be great addition. And it has to be customizable in terms of selecting events from list, way and period of reminding.

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