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Originally Posted by fatalsaint View Post
I didn't want to offer advice to do something that I personally hadn't tested without a form of disclaimer.
I appreciate that. Just thought you might have come across something in particular which made you say that.
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I've had a password set for 'user' and 'root' on the N800 (since mid-2007) and N900 both, and have seen zero problems so far. I also set the hostname in /etc/hostname. Now, I'm not saying there's no way this could cause a problem, just that I haven't seen any yet. Proceed at your own risk.


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Technically the user 'user' has an invalid password hash. Unix platforms store user passwords as a hash instead of plain text. To login in you type your password. The server calculates a hash based what you typed in. It then compares the computed hash to the stored hash. If they match then you are let in. If the stored password hash is invalid. You can never get logged in.

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