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Hey N900-people. I've had a disturbing problem every now and then; a bad flicker-attack on the screen. It looks like a faulty old CRT-screen, with very quick black horizontal lines running around the screen, a power-down does not necessarily help. Starts suddenly, and evidently stops just as suddenly; if I don't use the phone for a while, it's gone. I think this happens at least once a day...

I haven't read anything about this on here before, have I missed something or doesn't anybody else have this? A new phone shouldn't behave like this, so now I'm wondering if this is a bug-to-be-fixed or if the phone actually has a unique problem that needs service...
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Sounds more like a hardware problem than a software one to me.

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I know what you mean. My screen flickers when Im flicking through desktops. Do you notice it then?
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Is there a microwave or any other heavy interference source close by (just to rule out the obvious)?
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No microwaves around, this happens in different locations. But a good point, indeed. And I don't work or live in a radiotower or anything like that :-)
Butterfly: yes, indeed when flicking through desktops a few of the same horizontal black quick lines appear if I try a couple of times, but nowhere as much as when an "attack" occurs; they're everywhere then, I would say there are at least one line per screenupdate, probably more. 50 black horizontal lines in different places per second? Perhaps. There's a lot of flickering going on. And right now, nothing, the screen is calm and nice, and I haven't found a way to start this flickering-attack intentionally - yet.
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I can as well report that my screen does flicker when I change desktops.

I noticed that this does so when I do it at a fast rate.

I have the 3.2 firmware.

Did any others experience this?

Any solutions for it? Its rellay annoying especially when i think that this is a 500 phone.
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Certainly haven't noticing anything like this myself.

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OK so I am glad to know I am not alone! Are you all still getting this problem? Was anyone ever able to fix it?

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Since last week I have this exact problem.

Although it goes a bit further and distorting the entire screen.
When I turn the screen off, it doesn't turn on again.
Leaving the device off for a while subsequently relieves the problem.

I'm sending it back to nokia as we speak and i hope it's something that can be diagnosed and fixed easily.
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Even i am facing a similar problem.
I had actually gone out for trekking and a phone got damp by chance,not wet.I cleaned the fone and it was all working well.That night i charged the fone.The following next morning i could see my screen continuously flickering and also the screen was divided into two but the screen touch was as usual.Does anyone have a solution

PS:I have put the fone in rice for several hours.

Please Help
Thanks in Advance!!!

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