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Hallo everyone, I Have a 2Gb external mem card which has been working pretty well until yesterday when i tried accessing canola and it took ages to start. So i tried killing canola via terminal but it couldnt stop, so i rebooted by pressing the power button for a while. So the Nokia splash screen comes on and stays on for like 10-20 mins, no reboot yet. I did a hard reset, removed the battery and this worked. But whenever i tried accessing the mem card, the tablet would freeze.

i have read about using sfdisk to trouble shoot it but everytime i ran the command sfdisk -l /dev/mmcblkl it freezes at "Checking that no one is using the disk now...."

When i plug it to a linux box, it doesnt show up as a USB mass storage either.

Is there a way to format this SD card cuz seriously its really begining to annoy me....thanks
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Format it on the Linux box. With Gnome I'd use GParted -- not sure what KDE offers.
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Or if you have access to a Windows machine, use a USB card reader and try to format the disk with the Panasonic low-level formatting utility.
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