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As soon as I arrived abroad, the N900 asked me if I want to use data while roaming, obvious choice was No.

Well, just checked my bill this morning, from the date and time, it was using bandwidth at around 8:30AM local time (while I'm still asleep) for 1103kb

Anyone else traveling abroad experience similar issue?
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I hope not. I've yet to receive the bill for the weekend in Barcelona. If n900 can't keep its paws off the internet when so instructed I'll be back to taking my trusty n95 on holidays.
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Some how it did connect to the roaming network.. I am assuming 3G right?.. Now was your N900 connected to 3G before your travel and wasn't rebooted? Maybe, it's like the wifi bug it doesn't really completely disconnect until you actually reboot? Idk.. My suggestion might sound really dumb.. lol

And no, I have not experienced this issue at all.
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Always ask is ur friend
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I know many phones that has the same problem.
ROAMING OFF but it still uses a little data.
Android has got an app that will change the APN.

So what i do when i travel is remove the Access Point.

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Would like to propose an idea to disable roaming like you can for the iPhone, or a hard disable of the wifi/gprs. Even sometimes when i dont want to go online to preserve battery, if you accidentally click on the browser it loads up all the internet and stuff. Sure you can disable but it just takes that extra step!
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Yes, this should be addressed. It's bad enough that the thing goes and updates the application list (apt-get update under the hood) while on GSM, without asking. I need to keep thight control of data transfer.
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what about calling your operator and put roaming block to data transfer?

doesn't justify the operation of the device but reduces amount of stress concerning data roaming because it is technically impossible to roam in 3g for example if you forget to put your device to offline-mode...
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I've been travelling a lot with my N900 and this hasn't happened to me. Of course, things like geolocation in Camera asking for a connection when I just want to take a photo is annoying; but no auto-data connections when it's been denied.
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I'm a new N900 owner and I'd like to ask if there is now a way to disable all data use while roaming, as the first poster was asking?

I'm not very familiar with all the network settings, and I'm just looking for the easiest solution. Calling my network before each trip would be annoying!

thanks guys

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