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the N900 has multiple connectivity :

* Wifi
* Bluetooth
* ...

The Offline disable all these connectivity.
If I want to received GSM calls, I have keep the device Online.

So wifi connectivity is activated and the devices automaticaly connects to known access points.

To spare the battery, it would interesting to select what to disable in the Offline mode.
So, all connectivity could be disabled except the GSM.

Apps : Roadrunner - Libellule - Caelia

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Offline IS for GSM. Out of courtesy, it also offs BT and WIFI.

WIFI can be offed via options. Settings > Internet Connections > Auto Connect > No!

Bluetooth can also be killed via options or via statusbar applet.

Most people either leave BT on, as it eats very litle, or switch it on as needed as it's not often needed. As for WIFI, just set it to not auto connect and start a browser or something to be prompted to link up.
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This is mostly like an overlook. If I want to stop receiving GSM calls, why would I want to disable WiFi or Bluetooth too? Stupid.
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This item is in need of solutions and votes to leave sandbox status.

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