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Maemo brainstorm:

Oringin of the idea (don't read if you're in a rush):

This idea started with the PowerMP3 music player for symbian S60v3 and v5; If like me, you had an N82, you surely know that the default headset HS-43 is a 5 button headset that is not recognized by the default music player. All you can do is answer/voicedial, end and volume control.

PowerMP3 became instantly my favourite music player since the developers embedded configurable headset buttons into the program and suddenly my useless headset gained play/pause fw and back functionality!
And so PowerMP3 was and still is the only program that can make probably any nokia headset work with a symbian phone even if by default it is not supported by Nokia's music player.

PowerMP3 is the only program able to "fish" headset commands although we have a few other tools that are able to remap keys on symbian.


So, since the N900 supports call-end with the crappy out of the box headset(sounds decent actually ) I think it can read input from other headsets aswell.

All we need is an app that can:
-be easily configured from the control panel
-sense the input from any/most headsets out there
-support input gestures such as double tap and long press
-translate it into actions (maybe via the AVRCP switches aswell to have some kind of global access to every music player that supports AVRCP so that the developer doesn't have to modify the app each time a new player is released)

Please feel free to share your thoughts and think of the necessity such an app has!
Maemo brainstorm:
The thread where the technology is being discussed:

Thank you.

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Is there any information available how the 3,5 mm AV-plug of N900 is wired?

I think that the most logical way to start would be to investigate if it is a hardware limitation or "just" missing software/drivers that prevents using of headsets with additional buttons like play/pause/stop/etc. If it is hardware limitation, then it makes sense to try to develop a way to use the one functional button of the default headset to have multiple uses, otherwise it would be worth trying to make the headsets with multiple buttons functional.
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This is a software limitation as the button form the original headset can, obviously, be used to answer calls.

If you read how this brainstorm started you'll see that nokia doesn't always add full headset remote functions depending on the phone.

For example N82 is a photo/geo tagging phone - why would you need music control via the default (5 button) headset

Note that such an app/applet greatly improves the experience for the current headset as well with the use of "gestures":

- single click: play/pause (answer/end if the phone is being used)
- double click: next track
- long press: voice dialing (when it will be available)

A similar applet has been designed before:
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Note that there are a couple of different approaches to handling priority when multiple headsets (wired and Bluetooth) are used--and I hope both approaches are supported:

Wired has priority:
Bluetooth has priority:

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For now we can't figure how to send the signals. The remote doesn't just work with d-bus and the actual code for the phone app is nowhere to be found, only the language files.

Is it somehow part of the not-so-open part of symbian?
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i would be nice if the n900 could use this headset
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Any movement on this? It's rather obscene that the controls on the headset that were included simply do not function. Clearly it's a software limitation, when I email nokia they simply say maybe in another firmware release...


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