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I guess this it what happened to the whole neopwn/Backtrack Mobile thing in the end then.

Devices sold with it preinstalled.

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lol, i cant decide if this is funny or sad as the software on this is GNU and you could just buy a cheap n900 and download and install yourself than again would be very nice to have it all set up when you bought it. if anyone wants to buy it and let us know how it goes.....

P.S nice find
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yeah that's real disappointment, most of the thing inside pwnphone is opensource what you need is a compilation. But they selling it for unreasonable price. I wish it was a donation project because user who might glad using it would really appreciate it. well then what to do. maybe i reinstall back neopwn. same function tho.
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i think its just a scam imho
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"includes... promiscuous mode"? my n900 is flirty enough without being downright promiscuous! bad enough as is, i cant let it out my sight or my mates will all want a shot!
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its a sad day when i can't slip at least one hitchhiker reference in somewhere.

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LOL! It's like those people selling Gimp on ebay.

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Originally Posted by maluka View Post
LOL! It's like those people selling Gimp on ebay.
There is nothing wrong about it
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Probably someone just wanting to make a quick buck from clueless script kiddies.

Anyone wanting to do pen testing should be able to install these tools themselves, but as they say, a fool and his money are easily parted, and anyone who pays for this is a fool who shouldn't be using pen testing software. I suppose there could be an argument that this is for busy pros who just don't want to spend the time setting up the software themselves, but you can't really tell how much effort has been put into setting up this software in an easy to use manner.

Looking at their site, I do think they were rather lazy in they way they just stole Nokia's photo of the N900 for their website rather than do one themselves, it would look a lot better if that N900 photo actually showed it running the software they installed on it and not the standard N900 software.
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Bloody rip off.
Just apt-get all the fun stuff! Run all this via Maemo (faircrack).

I should just sell MY N900 for $2K! If we go via software only, all of the N900's on here are worth thousands!
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If you have the N900, just download the image for free. Yes $900 is too much, but so sis $45 for a usb to ethernet or a 16gb sd card

it's relatively priced for consumers who want 'working out of the box' which is very strange, considering pentesting is all about tweaking things yourself.

Well, in this stragne dichotomy they exist, for the 'script kiddies' i guess

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