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I have tried and failed to install the required latest Qt packages needed to install Sowatch (this is the software allowing certain bluetooth watches to connect to N900, for example Metawatch).

Basically, I need the latest packaged Qt4.7 and QtMobility1.2.

1) I cant find these packages anywhere - Gitorious does not seem to host the .deb packages unless I am looking in the wrong place

2) Running apt-get -f install does not download and install the required Qt dependencies when I try to install Sowatch.

Can anyone point me to Qt4.7.4 and QtMobility 1.2?

Thanks for the help.

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Qt Mobility 1.2 is on extras-devel as libqtm-12,and you do not necessarily need qt 4.7.4 iiirc, just 4.7. The UI is not going to work in any case because it uses Harmattan extras.

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