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Here's an interesting proposal.
  1. Enable users to create custom user groups (friends, family, work).
  2. Enable users to assign special ringtones and alerts to each group
  3. Make each group run like a standalone application, that can be added to your desktop. once clicked, you'll see images of contacts the same way they look on the desktop.
  4. Make shortcuts available in all apps (contacts, phone, conversation)
Nothing special about first 2 points, but the last 2 are features I have never seen. I used features like "favorites" but didn't like to see my friends, family members and co-workers in the same page or screen.

What do you think guys?
Worth brainstorming?
Vote for Predictive Dialer
Vote for Advanced Groups

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1. and 2. are allready part of another solution (they are actualy not a part they are another solution top there)

if you want to split out with your idea for advanced groups, delete your solution (guessing that it is yours) and create a new brainstorm item for "Contact groups application - desktop widget" or alike...
it would depend on an implementation of "Contact grouping". This is also not part of the "Enhance Phone App" topic and should have its own brainstorm anyway.


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