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We would proudly present to maemo5, WorldTV99 for N900 is now on,, click the install button, you are done with WorldTV99 installation. Then click KMPlayer and mplayer installation, all graphic interface, no command line needed, now sit back and pick your channel
Install WorldTV99 by enabling Extras-Devel and disable after installing, or just go / They are ALL optified, so dont have to worry about optificaton. Install mplayer is recommended. Just install on top of earlier version is OK. When installing WorldTV99, KMPlayer will be automagically installed if it is not done so.
Open KMPlayer, WorldTV99 is right there.
CableTV without cable/fees.
DyrectTV without dish
TeeVo without trouble


No. There is NO subscription fee and is NOT a paid app
TV channels are alphabetically organized accordidng to country, so Albania will go before Canada.
Local TV are organized according to city, like Seatle, Washington will be at USA Seatle Washington, according to letter 'S' rather than 'W', so and so forth.
When there is more than 1 channel, they will be grouped into a folder, and inside the folder, it is also grouped alphabetically according to name of the station, ABC will go before CBS. When nothing is playing, tap on the folder expand/collapse the folder.
click on channel, they will play. Click on kmplayer>Select Player to switch between mplayer and osso-media-server, npp is flash player, will kick in automatically. If using flash, the title will expand into several rows, select .avi or .mp4 to see video, not the one with the pink dot.
If a folder or channel has a lot of programs, it will take some minutes to load, be patient
Click on the screen will open up user menu
Right arrow - previous channel
pause - pause
Left arrow - next channel
square - exit to TV channel
flower button - add to favorite
To back all the way up to the main TV menu, tap on screen, go to user menu on top border>New, that will take you back to 1st level.
Tap on a folder will expand it and collapse it, or use the hardware keyboard, right arrow will take you all the way back to 1st level.
Tweaks on mplayer and its use,
On the built-in player, you can navigate the channels thru the arrow keys even on full screen mode.
On the mplayer, you can get a full screen view, no black borders on either side, plus a lot of OSD options, touch the screen and press 'o' to get to OSD.
Bottom lines, built-in player plays smoother but mplayer plays more formats.
There are more than 45 countries, with more than 200 channels, each further breaks down to many different programs. The way I use WorldTV99 is to add programs you like to favorite and just watch favorite. User feature requests are welcome

useful links:
Some useful tweaks about mplayer, like kick up its volume, A list of ALL TVchannel on previous versions VCURLs72 93 TV channels

A list of ALL TVchannels are coming.............

Changelog: (2/14/10)
- User interface has changed, much more asthetic and simple, and user intuitive
- Previous versions are geared towards news and documentary, while this update is more towards entertainment;
..........Comedy Central
..........FashionTV Weekly
..........Google video comedy (Youtube preselected to comedy, youtube quality)
.....Denmark >
...........DR1, 2, update; apparantly local ipaddress only
......Finland NOKIA >
...........The Voice. Yup, your motherboat, Finland entertainment, Thank you
.......Italy >
............telemolise. The station president personally email us the link and requested to be in how do you like that ?!
........Norway >
............NRK 1,2, 3 apparantly local ipaddress only
.......USA >
............mod-tv (My friend Victoria confides to me with their secrets, should be model-TV, but that is what they called themselves and I would like to be true to the original)
............NIH (the whole world looks up to their guidelines for health issues, cancer, breast, whatnot. We think that they would be thrilled to know at least one TV station on earth carries their broadcast and sure, I worked there sometime in the past )
Update WorldTV99.
..............Discovery >
...................Animal planet
............. National Geographics
..............PBS >
....................Nova Science
..............Reuters (10 stations)
.............. VH1 (10 stations)
......China (HK too)
..... Dutch
......Turkey >
...........25+ stations, some dont operate 24/7, so check back, thanks to Arif ( thread #25)

- a big house cleaning from previous version, a lot of dead links are deleted, make this version scrolling much preppier. Dead link is a natural progression of more and more internet media is using flash. And the change left behind dead links. On top of this, getting the URL from flash is much more difficult (or impossible) as it is NOT available from the internet media. I hate to say, WorldTV99 will stay as long as the links remain alive, enjoy while you can, JustWatch!

Some people has questions about the "timeliness" of the news or the TVcontent. Since WorldTV99 inception (4/2008), I have noticed there is a trend of timestamp internet streaming materials, most major news channel clearly display the date/time of their news. I noticed, the 6:30 Pm evening news will be available at 10 PM, so, its about 3.5 hr delay, I still call it news. While some program will refresh/update their content on a weekly basis (e.g, PBS) and some content may even go live (Presidential debate and olympics), so there is a wide range of "timeliness" among programs. I wound NOT label ALL of these are dated.

A:V desync on some links when play with mplayer: 1) download the clip and play from N900 rather than streaming
.....................2) touch screen>'O'>'D' this enables frame dropping, video quality may drop a bit, but A:V is now sync. More mplayer tricks here,

- Too much buffering? touch the screen once when happens, and said to yourself, "thank you WorldTV99", the buffering will go away. Try and report back, thanks,
- Some of them use mms://, and sometimes they do not stream well on 1st try, just shut it off and retry, they will work flawlessly. Sometimes, just a tap on the screen will also fix it.

Discussion/comments/feedback/complaints/rotten tomatoes/anything are welcomed!

Please vote here,, so that more users can enjoy what you are enjoying, we need 10 votes, please

Press the Thank you button

Want to look before you buy (just a joke, there is no $ involved, no subsription or anything, JustWatch!) Here is a youtube clip when running WorldTV99, What? youTube is too small? Ummmm..... I got something slightly bigger,

Edit: 1st version specially for N900 - 3/1/10

1) KMPlayer - please update to the latest version, and read my partner koos for details, with respect to WorldTV99:
a) when installing WorldTV99, players will be automatically installed, no need for a separate installation; I just updated my WorldTV99, it automatically grapped the update verison of KMPlayer, nice, partner koos!

b) click WorldTV99>About WorldTV99 will allow for different 'view's of list, they are:
- Categories
- Countries
- Geographical restricted

Categories allows one to look for what interested them. For up to the last minutes, you have news. For analysis of new situations, talking about new update you have newsmagazine. For soccer, you have European sport. For other sports, you have sport channel. For the music lovers, there is arts, music and music video. You gossips, there are talkshow. On top of all this, there is auto, comedy, food, health, nature, travel, tech, entertainment, and the kids are not left out, there are channels for kids (hey, qole, I know you have kids ).

Local stations are listed with their city if it is named. So TV# for Seatle Washington will be listed under USA Seatle Washington TV# so and so forth.

2) Brief list of channels
================================================== =====
WorldTV99 list by countries
Denmark (local access only)
Saudi Arabia

USA folder, each contains 10+ more programs
CC (Comedy Central)
CDC (Center for Disease Control and prevention)
CSTV (College Sport TV)
Style Network
Walt Disney
Warner Bros

- 3ABN
- 64mm Vlog
- Access Hollywood
- Adobe
- Alex Maccise
- Amateur Travel
- American Theatre Wing
- Angelina Jolie
- Anxiety Slayer
- Archive Classic Movie
- Art of the Drink
- Arts Cal Poly Pomona
- Auto News
- Aviation News Today
- Barely Political
- BinsideTV
- BMW Detroit Autoshow
- Bonnie McCaffery Quilting
- Brad Pitt
- Brigade Quater Masters
- Bringham Young University (Harvard University)
- CBN 700Club
- Channel Mode
- Chefs Series
- Chicago IndependentTV
- Christian Broadcast Network
- Classic Animation
- CNBC MBA money
- Cnet Buzz Out Loud
- Columbus Museum of Arts
- Cool music video
- Culinery of America
- Cult of UHF - old movies
- Daily planet TV
- Dilecious
- Dentisy NY
- Dilbert
- Dive Film
- Dive Film HD
- DJ Vibe
- Dr. BillTV
- Dr. Rachael
- Dutchboy Production
- Echoplex Park
- Escape Adulthood
- Estelle Travel
- Fearless cooking
- Feedburner
- Fit Life Workout
- French Maid TV
- George Carling
- GLivingTV
- GlobalVoices - HumanRights
- GlobeTrekkerTV
- Golf Tips
- HA Ha Food and Drink
- Hilary Duff
- His Channel
- History of Animation in Court
- Hop Cast
- Hound TV
- Independent TV Seatle Wahington
- Inner Compass
- Inspector Travel Guide
- Georgia Tech Athletics
- Family Fun

USA 2 (in progress....)
- MicrobeWorld
- Microsoft
- Miller light
- MMNW Broadcast GMTN
- National Geographics
- NewYorker Animation
- Nike Football
- Oregon Zoo
- PCTV 26 GovernmentTV
- Pilates NY
- PodShow
- Qunince Jones Show
- Rocketboom
- RooftopComedy
- Sacramento County TV
- San Diego News
- SCCTV Movies
- San Francisco
- Shoots
- SonyPicture Inside Sony Pictures
- Magic Sock
- SyFy
- Vegan
- VetVid
- Walt Disney
- Warner Bros
- Wildlife Country
- WSTV movies
- ZooVision games


Elektrischer reporter
Euro 3 Bodensee
German/French culture
Harald Schmidt
Kino Das Deutsche Filmmagazin
Massive Mag
NDR Fernsehen
NRW Dortmund
Phoenix Bonn
RTL Shop
Tunespoon MusicVideo

German PETN

German WDR
ARD Ratgeber Heim + Garten
die story
Hier und Heute
Menschen hautnah
Mini Ah!
Planet Wissen
Quarks & Co
Schon hier
Sendung mit der Maus
Servicezeit: Essen & Trinken
Servicezeit: kompakt
Tiere suchen ein Zuhause
Wissen macht Ah!

Both USA and German channels are listed. Yes, they are kind of big and swollen, we wonder why

Dead link? Very very rare, I have personally watch every single channel, some of them may NOT be 24/7, so check back if you think you encounter a dead link. And some 'dead' link I may leave them in for a brief period of time to see whether it will "resurret" by self, usually these are real good quality stuff and too good to drop. Of course, switch between mplayer and built-in media player to check things out is always the right step. Stuttering? reboot may solve it, occasionally

WorldTV99 for N900
bunanson and koos, 1/2010
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Can we add/suggest channels to be added to the list?

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Update, worldtv99-0.4.1 and kmplayer-0.10.3 are now in extras-testing.

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is internet connection must for world tv in n900?

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Originally Posted by Arif View Post
Can we add/suggest channels to be added to the list?

Absolutely YES! Please test it on your KMPlayer and post it here, we will stick it in!

Welcome suggestions, welcome URLs!

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Originally Posted by soravhoney View Post
is internet connection must for world tv in n900?
Yes and No.

For you to watch TV thru streaming, you need to be online, that is what people do with TV, JustWatch!

Well, you cannot afford the bandwidth or whatnot, you have the option to dl the program 1st then watch without being online. Problems: It takes time to dl, and you need space to keep the file.

Whatever suits you, KMPlayer and WorldTV99 has the option to store the programs for future enjoyment, just like TiVo; like Victoria just confided with me a secret, people always dl their show and watch over and over again , their show is under USA>mod-tv, it really should be model TV, but what the heck, that is what they called themself, I want to stay true to the original.

Slowly, I would start to highlight changelog with time goes by, to crank out this baby, the update, exhausted me for the last several days , I enjoy every single bit of working with koos, my partner, he is cool :-)


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Originally Posted by soravhoney View Post
is internet connection must for world tv in n900?
You can sometimes save a file. If you press the floppy disk button instead of the play button, you either get a message that it cannot save the link or a download page is opened.
In general, links to .flv, .mp3, .mp4, and sometimes .wmv files can be saved.

I often do that to store some podcasts that I then listen in the bus during the week.

You can save many files simultaneously. Just keep kmplayer running on the background for the download. If you close it, and some downloading is in progress, go back to the download page, click the item and choose 'resume'. Also when the internet connection has gone down (though you may first have to 'suspend' it first).

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MediaBox on the N900 will get support for WorldTV99, too.
Tidings - RSS and Podcast aggregator for Jolla -
Cargo Dock - file/cloud manager for Jolla -

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Originally Posted by koos View Post
...You can save many files simultaneously. Just keep kmplayer running on the background for the download....
More info please. I tried to save a 5 min program segments, it takes forever, I really mean forever, obviously it depends on your bandwidth, how do you make the dl run in background? I tried to run 2 copies of KMPlayer, apparantly KMPlayer is smarter than me, it said no .

To dl media files, make sure you specify file location. Obviously SD is the best, otherwise unattended dl into N900 may get you into trouble, just a rough guideline, 1 min video is about 12 MB, so beware.

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Originally Posted by pycage View Post
MediaBox on the N900 will get support for WorldTV99, too.
Big welcome news, my friend!


kmplayer, mplayer, streaming tv, t v, worldtv99

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