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Originally Posted by nex View Post
Looking good! Thanks for making this public. It works fine here.

Consider adding too.
Thanks for this comic! Man phd is funny because It's true. I work at a research institute at a university, so it's very much appropriate for me I have to print some of these for our coffee room!

Anyway, I added phd (not in devel yet), but that thing is annoyingly slightly too tall in relation to the width to fit nicely into the widget. It will have to do for now though.

I'll make an option where the shape fits that comic better when I get the different shapes option done.
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at last some goodness to fill those empty spaces on my n900 desktop
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phdcomics is hillarious even for us non-grads I've seen it posted on walls in a few university offices. It's pretty popular along with xkcd and calvin & hobbes.

Your widget made me rethink my desktops in order to make room for it. I know have a single desktop dedicated to rss, this widget, and a couple web shortcuts.
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As the Games forum moderator, i feel it my duty to request Penny Arcade.

PS Can't read Ph.D. anymore since he made a character based on me (Slackenerny). It's just too painful. :P

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Can I request Baby Blues, please? They are so funny.

Baby Blues
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EDIT: Everything's working fine! great widget! thanks!
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I tend to wait till a widget reaches -testing before, well, testing it so I will await the with interest. One thing springs to mind as being necessary for this: display of alt/title text. this is often half the joy of xkcd, and I have yet to persuade the n900 browser to do it.

A vague thought on a possible advanced feature; search of archive strip titles?
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I sure don't want to spoil the party here, but my virtual keyboard doesn't pop up anymore, despite being checked in the text input settings. I only remember installing comic-widget recently, could it be related?

Just asking, not implying anything.


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