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The online store is OPEN!

So, today I'm happy to announce that I'm finally able to offer something people asked for right away -- high quality black acrylic stands.

These gorgeous, glossy, piano-black stands are even better than the old clear stands. They are now non-slip! They stay put on a desk very well.

See a demo video here.

The best thing, though, is that I now have two package deals with stylii. Right now, you can buy a black acrylic stand plus a stylus for $20 -- or you can buy a black acrylic stand, a black wooden stand, and a stylus for $25. That's a steal.

Remember, these prices include worldwide shipping. I will be gone for the next two weeks, so my friend Matti will be handling shipping, but customer service will still come from me.

There are only 25 total packages with stylii. 10 of the mixed sets, and 15 of the single acrylic + stylus packs. When they run out, I will not be able to restock them until I return to Fargo in the beginning of April.

These new wood stands fit extra-tight. Please watch the video to be sure you're ready to assemble them when you get them.

Thanks for everything, everyone.

Original post begins below:


Hey everyone, as you know the N900 has a built-in stand. However, unlike the N810, the stand is not one of its strong points. I decided to fix this and created a desk stand for the N900.

Here's a much better video showing the new stand... and also showing me destroying a stand or two.

This video shows the old version of the stand

I tried to improve on the original stand by:
  1. 1. Stabilizing the N900 on both sides. The original stand falls over if your headphones tug the wrong way or you touch the side of the screen.
  2. 2. Putting the N900 at a better angle. The original holds the N900 up so it reflects overhead lights.
  3. 3. Keeping the stylus always accessible. When the kickstand is out, the stylus is at the bottom of the unit.

The other thing is that I wanted this new stand to be affordable. The idea is that you could afford to buy a couple of them, one for the desk at work, one for the nightstand next to your bed, etc. Stands are useless if they're not in front of you when you need them, so it's best to leave them where you need them.

So here it is, a laser-cut baltic birch plywood stand. It's made of strong, light 3mm birch ply, so it comes to you in a flat envelope and assembly is super-simple. Just take the two side pieces and slot them into the brace bar.

The wooden models will be priced as follows:

One for $10. That includes shipping.
Two for $15. (The "home&office" set)That includes shipping.
Three for $20. That includes shipping.

Based on suggestions here, I have decided to ALSO produce a limited run of acrylic stands. They do not get an anti-slip coating on the bottom. However, THEY LOOK AWESOME.

Clear acrylic stands will cost:

One for $17, shipped
Two for $30, (The "home&office" set) shipped.

You can also buy a "home & office pack" with one wood and one acrylic. This pack costs $22, shipped.

Some production shots:

All acrylic stands, waiting to be packed:

Many parts of the wooden stands (they look SO GOOD in black):

The super-secret no-slip finish drying on a bunch of pieces:

Here are the acrylic braces -- the yield on these is much lower, I have to throw away a lot of bad ones. The filter I built didn't do much for the overpowering smell, so I'll have to figure out something else. Even so, they look great:

These are the original pictures of the first stand prototype, before I improved it based on community comments. Now, it has an extended back, to make it more stable with the keyboard out, it is painted black, and there will be some kind of anti-slip substance on the bottom (no-slip on wooden models only).

After painting it black according to community request:

Attached Images

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can you ship to the uk? I'll take 2 of so.
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Looks great and the price is really nice. Sadly I have a N800 instead of N900, but otherwise I'd buy at least two
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Yes, I will ship to anywhere, and although I have to check shipping prices, I'm planning on leaving the shipping included in the price. Shipping in the continental USA I'll make more money, but it really annoys me how people outside the US get so gouged on shipping, so I'll try to keep it included.

Payment can be by mail or PayPal. I will set up a PayPal button/thing on Monday, and I will also be shipping these on Monday.

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Naranek, if I had an N800 to measure to make a stand, I would definitely make you a stand. I only have an N810 and N900.
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Looks nice.
Just came to my mind that Is it possible to do foldable version. Offcourse it could be bit shakey but you could take it with you easily.

And how it works when you slide keyboard out and push upper part of screen with your stylus?
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Would you ship to Germany too ?

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cool design !

what about cutting a 1mm deeper groove, which would be thinner, for when the keyboard is out ? That would prevent the N900 rattling like in the video.
When the N900 is closed, the groove you already cut out holds the phone. When it is open, the keyboard part automatically slides into the deeper groove and is held tight.
I guess you can even do that on the already made stands.

Anyway the only times I would have liked to have a stand were when watching a movie, so I just wouldn't have the keyboard out.
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That looks really nice! I'd be interested in a few of these.
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I will look into doing a foldable version -- a stand you could keep in your wallet would be really cool.

And how it works when you slide keyboard out and push upper part of screen with your stylus?
Have a look at the video -- when the keyboard is out, it is not as stable as when it is down (obviously) but it's still usable.

It's definitely best with the screen down. I thought a lot about how to make a stand for both modes, but I didn't come up with anything better than the present version.

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