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Hello. I am in need of some advice. I have an Nokia N900 with both music and audiobooks on the mass storage memory. They are isolated in separate folders.

I wish to be able to keep audiobooks and music separate when playing, so i dont get a chapter of an audio book when i have my music on shuffle. I would also like to be able to play audiobooks in chapter order.

How is this possible? I have searched the forum for advice, but, despite there being stuff about, nothing appropriate.

Cheers, All.
George Smart
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I have the same problem with the photo album.
while I don't listen to music there are lots of problem with audio books and pod-casts.

It sounds like the ideal bug worth reporting.

If you listen to audio books you can vote for thees bugs too:
this bug above if implemented - playing by folder could address your problem.
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I think there is a way to point the tracker to a particular folder

this way you can exclude the audiobook folder

you can find some details about the tracker in this thread:

for listening to audiobooks by chapter i would recommend downloading panucci

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