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Maemo 5 SDK corresponding to PR1.2 now available

The next major update of Maemo 5 is getting closer: the software development kit allowing developers to write and test their software for Maemo 5 PR1e2 has been released. In the announcement, danielwilms said this
release contains many different additions/deletions/updates and features the Qt 4.6 library. It also contains package updates required for software designed for the next Maemo product software update coming out soon.
MohammadAG has posted a set of screenshots highlighting some of the new features which users will be able to look forward to in the release.

Council candidates get set a tough set of questions

EIPI sent a set of ten of his own and three additional community-sourced questions to candidates in the Maemo Community Council election. Voters in the election will want to take a look at the answers for insights about the positions of their favourite candidates, or perhaps even help picking their favourites. Sanjeev introduces the piece,
The Maemo Community Council election is drawing near, and the nomination process is closed. As you have probably heard by now, the candidate list is quite strong, comprising former and current Council members, community veterans, and relative newcomers with strong community contributions. With the hype surrounding Maemo, the N900, MeeGo, and our uncertain future, this is the hottest political arena that our community has ever seen. It is therefore with great honour that Mobile Tablets! is presenting this unofficial Q&A with the candidates as part of the lead up to the election.
The election ends at 23:59 UTC on March 30th, so be sure to get your votes in by Tuesday. As the voting uses a single transferable vote, you can vote for multiple candidates but your second choice will only be considered after your first choice is knocked out.

In this edition...
  1. Front Page
    • Maemo 5 SDK corresponding to PR1.2 now available
    • Council candidates get set a tough set of questions
  2. Applications
    • New RSS reader, ReSiStance, in development by Modest developer
    • Official Wordpress client application in Extras-devel
    • Hide pictures and videos from Media Player using tracker-cfg
  3. Development
    • New game, mGraph, needs artistic help
    • auto-builder now running PR1.2 SDK with Qt 4.6
    • Integrating Qt Creator and MADDE in Linux
    • ...and 2 more
  4. Community
    • Maemo/MeeGo User Experience Framework
    • First MeeGo Technical Steering Group meeting minutes
    • Proposal for a MeeGo Community Council
    • ...and 2 more
  5. Devices
    • MeeGo release for N900 will be a code dump release: interesting to platform hackers only
    • PR1.1.1 finally released for UK firmware users
    • Configuring borderless/4:3 TV out on N900
  6. Maemo in the Wild
    • PUSH N900 USA winner announced: cycle dashboard
    • Will the real MeeGo please stand-up? The dangers of weak branding
  7. Announcements
    • Updated versions of Panucci, Raemote and headphoned
    • SquareIt: FourSquare application under development
    • Premium themes and theme packaging service
    • ...and 2 more
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Since seems FUBAR at the moment, names aren't resolved within the issue and the "top ten downloads this week" can't be produced. I'll try to update when everything's working again.
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