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In this article in Aftonbladet (Scandinavias biggest newspaper) the group CEO for Sony Ericsson, Bert Nordberg, talks about how SonyEricsson was offered to build the Nexus one, but declined. He finishes the interview saying that SonyEricsson will never go for just one platform, since they dont know where the market will go, and that they even can think of linux in future mobiles.

It looks like MeeGo really creates all the fuzz Quim are trying to tell us!
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I just hope they mean real linux like MeeGo, not a closed OS based on Open Source like Android.
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Well they tried most other OS on their phones so why not Meego?
It's not like they have much to loose anyway, pretty much downhill for the last couple of years.

So lets hope Meego spreads fast!
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Despite SE's nod towards Android, which was mainly because of the lack of a better option, former statements made evident that SE hates everything Google. So, yes, i think they may join the Meego bandwagon as soon as it shapes up.

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