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OK, after weeks of screwing me around, the python SDK installer finally consented to complete installation. Yay.

So I want to run Xephyr and see actual Maemo 5 GUI software running. What do I do?

When the python installer finishes, it says I should start Xephyr by "clicking the icon on the Desktop". There is no such icon on the desktop, even though I did ask the installer to create one, and indeed the log claims to have done so:

V [08:01:13 21.02.2010]: S: 7/9 Installing xephyr desktop shortcut
V [08:01:13 21.02.2010]: Starting to install xephyr desktop shortcut
V [08:01:13 21.02.2010]: Executor starting task <bound method ExecutorThread.__taskInstallSbHomeShortcut of <__main__.ExecutorThread object at 0xa19ed6c>>
It did manage to create a link to sbhome. Why anyone would want such a link is impossible to say, but the installer does seem capable of creating links on the desktop if it really wants to.

Is there some way to start Xephyr from the command line?

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I used the installer script too and on my Desktop is a shortcut named:
"Maemo5 SDK"

In fact I have never used this shortcut, because prior to this installation I have installed the SDK manually and use this command to open Xephyr:
Xephyr :2 -host-cursor -screen 800x480x16 -dpi 96 -ac -kb

btw the desktop shortcut cut executes


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Thanks for that, this is progress of some kind. I do not have any /usr/local/bin/ script. But using your Xephyr command line I get a big black box. Groovy. Running the little sample program base.c makes most of the screen go grey. Killing the program makes it black again. I therefore conclude that GUI programs may well be able to use this thing from inside scratchbox. I'll need to go through the rest of that document to figure out how to make it do something more useful.

It would be nice to see the actual hildon desktop inside that black box. Any tips on making that work?

BTW, my goal is to tweak modest a bit. I got as far as trying to build it, but it has an unmet dependency on calendar-ui-widgets-0-dev that won't install. I'm guessing I'll be able to find that in one of the other repositories, but I will probably want to run the Maemo 5 package manager to do that, which means getting the package manager to work in Xephyr first...
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Aha! I found this page:

That has me up and running. Woohoo!

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