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Finally, after about 15 to 20 days of hardwork in my spare time (edit: and further 8 days of typing the guide), I have something really beautiful thing to give to my most loved community.

So this (Project) is called MaeMeeMo i.e. Its a mixture of Maemo5, Meego (Harmattan) and Nemo. As you all can see in the screenshots and the Intro Image (below), it has the goodness of Maemo5 (Homescreens), Meego (Harmattan) standby screen as lockscreen, and Nemo look and feel.

THIS is NOT an APP, its a transformation pack which requires some resources like themes, transitions, icons, depending apps and plugins. etc.

So here we go!, the look and the intro Image as a sneak peek.

Intro Image:

Main Homescreen View:
(Portrait Mode with Nemo Wallpaper)

(Landscape Mode with Nemo Wallpaper)

MaeMeeMo Lockscreen: (just swipe from left to right) [Bottom Left]
Nemo-MaeMeeMo Lockscreen: [Tap to Unlock] [Bottom Right]

To get this modification, please follow the step by step Guide attached (linked) below (the guide format is .pdf).

This is a BETA Release so, If you have any major problem, then please report me, I will try to solve it for you in my spare time.

A BIG Thank you, to everybody here, who waited, helped, thanked and congratuated me during the coming soon period and after.


Video 2: (Landscape and Portrait Modes)

Basic Requirements:
1.Nokia N900
2.CSSU (Testing Flavor >=T2.1) [P.s. CSSU Stable not supported till further informed]
2.1 CSSU Stable is Supported but not confirmed by users!
3.SSH (WinSCP Client or similar) (and knowledge of transferring files over ssh)
4.Backup-menu (or Backup-menu for Multiboot]
5.Know how to reflash [at rare cases]

Note: Download 2,3 and 4 and setup them from respective repositories.

Depending Applications, Plugins, Widgets Requirements:
1.Queen Becon Widgets
2.Theme Customizer (v63) [Extras Repository]
3.Custom Operator Name (Optional)
4.Advance Clock Plugin
5.QtLockscreen + QtLockscreen Configuration App
6.Harmattan Icon Pack for White themes
7.Harmattan Theme (White)
8.Catorise Plus with UI (optional)
9.Worldclock Mod by Ade (optional)
10.CSSU Features App
11.Desktop Activity Manager (optional recommended)
12.Nokia Pure Font
13.Gconf Editor (optional)

Note: Download from respective repositories.

MaeMeeMo Resources [STABLE]:
* The MaeMeeMo Guide>> MaeMeeMo Guide v1.3.0.rar
* QBW Resources>> MaeMeeMo-QBW_2.rar
* MaeMeeMo QtLockscreen>> QtLockscreens V1.3.0.rar
* MaeMeeMo Screenshots>> Screenshots_2.rar [v 1.1.0]
* Harmattan Theme (White) Update for MaeMeeMo>> [MaeMeeMo Compatibility Update for Harmattan-Theme.rar] Download Maemeemo-theme here
* Gconf Editor and Nokia Pure Font>> REMOVED [Get it from Respective Repositories]
* MaeMeeMo Transitions file>> Tranitions v1.3.0.rar For Without Blacklist Section Click Here
* Harmattan Icons Pack for White Theme MaeMeeMo Update>>REMOVED [see changelog]
* MaeMeeMo Wallpapers>> WALLPAPERS v1.2.0.rar
* Extra Wallpapers [MaeMeeMo Compatible]>> Extra Wallpapers_2.rar, Wallpaper by @thesuperblue
* Theme Customizer Settings Screenshots>> ThemeCustomizer.rar [ Initial Release with v 1.0.2]

//Update 1.4:
//Go Here!!
//Now IN Extras-Devel

New Update 2.0:
Go here!!!
Version 2.0 .deb available here:

Time Requirement:
* Noob Users : 2 hours and Above [p.s Its better for you to don’t try this till .deb file is out]
** Average Users : 1 hour to 2 hours
*** Expert Users : Less than 1 hour

Note: Total Noobs >> PLEASE KEEP AWAY!!!

[WIP:SEMI-STABLE][.deb Packages to Download]:
1. qbw-nemo-dockbar [added in maemeemo package]
2. qbw-harmattan-clock [added in maemeemo package]
3. qbw-harmattan-date [added in maemeemo package]
4. Maemeemo [Update 1.4 in Extras-Devel |Semi-stable|] // Update 2.0 Coming Soon p.s. Waiting for Stable confirmations]

Download it from Extra-Devel Repository.

[For those who installed v1.3.0-1 follow this immediately before rebooting your device]


Post Install Steps:
Please refer the WIKI after installing MaeMeeMo package to finalize the look.

Known Bugs:
* Dependency problem with CSSU, [Status: FIXED]
* Transitions Problem [installation stucked at something /usr/share/hildon-desktop] [Status: FIXED]

Hope you guys liked it..

Thanks to:
cloud596 and sidd211095 for Harmattan Icons Pack (+ for White themes)
zifis for Harmattan Lockscreen, Nemo Lockscreen [Original Work] and Nemo-MaeMeeMo Lockscreen, and sakya for Qtlockscreen App
hermer040, 'The Meego Team' and 'The Nemo Team' for Nemo/Meego Wallpapers
robin92 for Harmattan Theme (White)
eefo for QBW Code for Date
eefo for QBW Code for Time
eefo for QBW Code for App Menu code
marmistrz for Making .deb package of MaeMeeMo and Extra Maemeemo Wallpapers [Status: In extra-devel]
AapoRantalainen for making qbw-nemo-dockbar, qbw-harmattan-clock, qbw-harmattan-date, updating Harmattan-theme and Harmattan-icons-pack-for-white-themes [Status: In extra-devel]
thesuperblue: for Extra Wallpaper
Harick: For New Harmattan-theme
sogoodbye: For some Harmattan-theme resources.
sifo: For Updating and Maintaining .deb version from Update 1.4 and uploading Maemeemo-theme

Change Log:

4-3-12 : Initial Release v1.0.0[Beta]
4-3-12 : Added Thanks to sakya for his wonderful app QtLockscreen v1.0.1
5-3-12 : Corrected the QBW Directory + Added the Theme Customizer settings and screenshots
6-3-12 : Alternate Icons Archieve [small size]
7-3-12: v 1.1.0 [Beta 2] Update for Guide, Transitions [for possible fix for freezing], QBW Time Update [Added AM/PM], Nemo Lockscreen originally by zifis + Nemo-MaeMeeMo Lockscreen, Related Screenshots Update
8-3-12: Transitions update v1.1.1
11-3-12: Major Update v1.2.0 [Non-Beta]
1. Update for Lockscreens and New Nemo-MaeMeeMo-base lockscreen added.
2. Themes Package updated due to respective update.
3. Icons Pack Update removed due to expected future update by the maintainer.
4. Guide Updated to v1.2.0 [Non-Beta Release]
4.1 About 35 steps in total
4.2 Links corrected.
4.3 New, easy and short QBW Stages.
4.4 Respective resources steps updated.
5. Extra wallpapers [about 5 landscape and 17 portrait wallpapers]
6. MaeMeeMo Wallpapers and template update.
7. New Queen Beecon settings files Added
23-3-12: [Pre-Deb Update] v.1.3.0
1. Transitions Update [More faster]
2. MaeMeeMo Slide, Nemo, and Nemo-MaeMeeMo Lockscreens Update [Fixed bugs and added AM/PM]
3. MaeMeeMo Guide v1.3.0 Update [Gconf steps + Stage2-Step2 Extention]
29-3-12: First MaeMeeMo .deb released [Deb version:1.3.0]
1-4-12: v1.3.0-1 : Dependency fix for v1.3.0 .deb version
25-6-12: Update 1.4... see more
24-12-12: Maemeemo 2.0 see more

Last edited by TransTech; 2012-12-27 at 12:08. Reason: Update 2.0 .deb link pasted

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Good job man this is amazing, really love the community because of people like you.

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Wow it is a great effort, waiting for its arrival
Still waiting 4 u

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So you also ported swype unlock , that's not cool , it's f***ing cool . It seems I didn't take a bad decision when I refused to sell my N900 .

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Originally Posted by Dragoss91 View Post
So you also ported swype unlock , that's not cool , it's f***ing cool . It seems I didn't take a bad decision when I refused to sell my N900 .
nope... it uses qtlockscreen.... ... its like swipe on plain black screen from left to right to unlock .... just wait till the video is out in a couple of days and you can experiance it...

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Hey this is very interesting, we'll have a new re-born of our beloved n900=)
I Luvvvv My N900!!

Have my N900 since 2010 and still is my main phone!

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Now this is freaking awesome! I've been hoping for someone to come up with a new UI.

Though, I'm not too sure on the project name. I would suggest one of these:
* Japanese spinach salad

I'll be following this to see how it progresses.

Last edited by Roth; 2012-02-25 at 22:55.

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Amazing! Now this is really creative! Can't wait to try it... Big thanks to you!

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Thank you so much

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Great news, can't wait to install and test

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