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Introducing the fourth Maemo Community Council

The election is over, and the new Maemo Community Council has been announced: Ryan Abel, Randall Arnold, Javier S. Pedro, Attila Csipa and Andrew Flegg as chair. About 400 votes were cast, and the new council's hit the ground running with a minor revamp of the council homepage and integration between the council blog and
We're your council, so please get in touch via email (; IRC; mailing lists or Talk. Please remember, though, that the council doesn't (and shouldn't!) do everything. If you want to step up to organise something and want our support, we'll be happy to give it!

MeeGo: "Day One"

MeeGo has reached "day one": the source code has been released, the bug tracker open and the first of many weekly snapshots released.
Today is the culmination of a huge effort by the worldwide Nokia and Intel teams to share the MeeGo operating system code with the open source community. This is the latest step in the full merger of Maemo and Moblin, and we are happy to open the repositories and move the ongoing development work into the open - as we set out to do from the beginning.
Also released are complete OS images for Atom-based netbooks and the N900, allowing your device to boot into an xterm and explore the lowest levels of the OS.

In this edition...
  1. Front Page
    • Introducing the fourth Maemo Community Council
    • MeeGo: "Day One"
  2. Applications
    • CuteExplorer: fast, full filesystem file manager
    • Enna Media Center on the Nokia N900
  3. Development
    • Extras-devel & -testing are "trunk"; building with PR1.2
    • MeeGo source code now available
  4. Devices
    • MeeGo hardware adaptation for N8x0 "skunkworks project"
    • Overclocking the N900's OMAP3430
  5. Maemo in the Wild
    • N900 makes TechRadar's "15 best mobile phones in the world today"
  6. Announcements
    • Updates for MaePad & GPodder - now both PR1.2 ready
    • PrayerTime app under development
    • Simple Search Tool for files and content
    • Track Extras-testing and Extras releases through Twitter
    • Brain Party ported to Maemo 5
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Thanks, Jaffa, for carrying (nearly?) the whole weight of this issue. Got distracted by Easter Sunday stuff and it completely slipped my mind.

I owe you an issue, then!
Ryan Abel

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