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i drew this..



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Just wondering, if i did a small sketch on paper, would i be able to "trace" it onto scree by placing the image over my screen?
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well, yes, as long as the paper didnt interfere with the resistiveness
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While waiting to have some tires put on my son's car he asked to look at my N900. I handed it over and read the newspaper. He then showed me this

This took very little time. We don't have much of a newspaper in Oklahoma City.

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Could a Moderator or a Admin please move this Thread to talk Design?

I want so much a THANKS Button in this thread!

Some drawings are so impressing...
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pasih - yeah, do not give up... you will improve your skills.. when you just draw... sketch... paint.. everyday.. couple minutes is even enough. Doodling is fun.

Btw. in my opinion there is no nothing wrong to using references...
it is actually important when you are learning process. Pros uses also references a lot.

But using references does not mean that you trace images. Just use your eyes, brain, hand... it is essential skill to learn to look.

I throw couple of earlier N900 and MyPaint 0.7.1 doodles here..

The following one I do not used any reference, BUT I should have.

Ok I am sorry for spamming.. I hope that this gives some creative fuel for someone...

Tone aka Creativetone aka Luovatone

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Some of these drawings are so good it's ridiculous.
If you don't know how to check your N900's uptime, you probably shouldn't own it.
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Originally Posted by pasih View Post
And now N900 actually quite unexpectedly has become a really nice painting device I didn't even imagine being able to use it this well in
I either did not know or even able to imagine how great gadget N900
could be. At first I am quite happy that I found Nokia Sketch app.. but luckily I somehow found MyPaint. This is so good sketching, drawing and painting device. I must now say that I am so into MyPaint and N900.

Thanks for your answer pasih!

I want to see more of your (and of course other MyPaint for Nxxx users) works...

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Hehe, I'm the opposite. I used to use Colors on my Nintendo DS and wanted a device with a bigger screen. I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before something like MyPaint would show up. What I wasn't expecting was such an amazing brush engine.

Here's some stuff I drew on my DS.


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Creativetone - your glass light study drawing is amazing, it looks so life like!!

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