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Hi all.
Yesterday i downloaded the 7 day trial and noticed that the voice isnt very loud!
I have the volume turned up as high as i can on my n900 but it isnt as loud as you would expect a satnav to be.
am i missing something? hidden volume settings etc?
Thanks in advance.
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It is quiet, I'm sure they'll fix it but currently the suggestions seem to be Bluetooth headset/kit or FM transmitter

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How about doingf a search? There are least 5 other active posts on Sygic and its issues. One on modding will be very useful to you. The problem thread als mentions the lack of volume, but as yet little solution.
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I found this on the link i will provide on this post....
The software uses a form of Text To Speech and other audio files to create the sounds it uses while navigating, it does not read out street names though.

With the volume cranked up fully the British Female voice ''Jane'' was too low to be heard, changing to ''Betty'' resolved the volume issue as this choice is quite a bit louder.

At times this voice was little shrill though. I did find the option to limit the maximum volume a nuisance, once this was set to 100% the sounds were much easier to control. I fail to see why there are two volume settings - one for the sound level and the other one adjusts the actual volume available when the other is set to 100%. This is not really much use and will cause confusion to the user.

But i must say i dont actually agree with this software as it is obviously like TOMTOM that will charge, lets hope Nokia sort out the gps issue so we can finally get a decent navigation working on the N900.

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