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I'm not sure why I'm having this problem now as I've been browsing youtube on my N900 for months but for some reason I can't unmute the sound!

I click on the speaker icon, the slider apears, I move it up and nothing happens. If I then click on the speaker icon again or click on the vid to hide the volume slider it stays muted. Closing and reopening the browser has no affect.

Any ideas please?
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Obvious suggestion but have you checked the main N900 volume is not muted?

Whlie you're on hit the Tool bar (which should read youtube) and use the volume rocker to raise the volume.
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The main volume is at full.

I presumed that just hitting the speaker icon (which has a cross at the side of it) would unmute the vid. If somebody could confirm that it should work that way it would be helpful thanks.

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