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We've all heard the cry of no apps, so how about a friendly weekend 'competition' to see what ideas we can come up with? Any takers? Noobmonkey will hopefully do it, he can make that "pull my finger" app we've all been waiting for! Anyone else?

I've name checked him now, he has to do it..

Some small silly possibly rubbish but maybe quite good or interesting apps, a few hours of work here and there and nothing major expected. Groups, singles, help for noobies wanting to get started with creating for the device. Finally learn how to use the accelerometer or make a fart noise. I'm going to go play some Wario Ware for inspiration..

I'll leave the below blurb as a battle cry, which will magically be edited out later when the thread crashes and burns due to lack of interest..


Are you bored waiting for new games to be released for your n900? Is your forehead wrinkled stressing about the lack of applications in the extras repository? Does the emptiness of the Ovi store make you urinate in your sleep? And do you call out your mother's name when making love to your girlfriend because of step 4 of 5 disappointment and unrelated mental issues?

Your uncle Kojacker is here for you, my friends, presenting the first ever "Maemo Weekend Teeny Weeny Apps Making Competition"!

This is a professional competition, and no expense has been spared to create the following soul stirring poster.

Every good competition has prizes, and this competition is no exception to that rule. There are no prizes.

If you are new to programming or want to learn, here's the excuse to finally make something. Anything. Particularly crap or stupid apps are particularly welcome, and I, in particular, will be particularly focusing on making such an stupid crappy app in particular.

Qt, PyQt, PyGTK, whatever language you like as long as it runs safely and easily on the n900. Don't make a virus kthx.

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someone make a call spoof app. i think ive seen one for android. thanks =)

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it's brilliant idea imo!

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I agree! Great idea... Better if someone could "teach" on an online desktop sharing a initial step by step. Like to setup a "classroom" on IRC to ask questions and answer them.

I know there are many guides, but that's an idea just to incentive people who knows how to program (Python, C, Ruby...) to start using the new Nokia's SDK.

I'm in.

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Good idea!
I would add one: we all should agree on an IM channel on which everyone logs on to, and the more experienced people could help the less experienced ones and vica versa: everyone could cooperate and collaborate.

(A shame I'll have a busy weekend, but I may drop in sometime)

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I just looked through a list of the 101 best android apps. There were only a few I'd be interested in. I find the same problem when I look through iPhone apps. I have app envy, but it is only envy of the number of apps...not necessarily envy of many apps in particular.

That said, I like your idea. I have been considering a fart app, but an stymied by the inability to find good quality, freely available fart sounds. I have even explored the possibility of computer generated fart sounds, but I don't believe the mathematical expressions of fart sounds have been explored fully enough to make it sound realistic. I may have to create some of my own through conventional means. (I have even been considering features such as time delay, as well as a "bluetooth out of range" trigger, so you can leave the phone on the table and walk away with your headset to trigger the hilarity.)

In any case, the app contest is a fine idea...I would suggest that people also list features of the phone they would like to see demonstrated. For example, using the accelerometer, bluetooth, gps, front camera, prox sensor, etc. Personally, I would like to see some fancier QT numeric displays developed--I am kind of sick of the LEDs that come in QT. I am considering developing some Solari letters (see here to see what I am talking about.

Also, if anyone has a simple howto for going from a working python app to a deb package, please post a link here.

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great idea. we can have a prize too if we really wanted.
create a project on a website like
then we can make it a fortnightly thing with a prize raised by the community here and a vote. even $€1 from a fraction of the community here will create a good bounty.

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Why not set up a developer bounty? Best voted application gets the booty?

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How about starting with RSS reader alternatives. All of those for Maemo suck compared to Symbian, iPhone, Andriod, and WinMo. Something modern, clean, with image support, and finger friendly.
"...and the Freaks shall inherit the Earth."

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i would like to see something like the Interactive Voice Call Master that was made for s60v3.

of all the apps in the transfer from my e90, that one is missed the most!

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