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Update on grooveshark client: Added to extras-devel

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Just trying it right now! a must have, works very well:
Fast download time of songs, low footprint on cpu usage and memory. A future succes! thanks for that.
Two things though:
No icon in app list, have to launch it from xterm "groove"
And, it seems that the "add to playlist" and "playlist" items has no effects.... Have to choose manually a new song when first one is finished.
Would be very cool if those features were made avaiable, or if at least, the app could play next song in list automaticaly cause even if the title is search "song", you can enter an artist name and the app find all of this artist song.
But very cool for a first shot, thanks.
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so you made it! awesome work dude! hope everything goes easy from now

PS. do not even open files in debian folder if you do not have to and make a copy of it now when it woks!
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Originally Posted by Dotblank View Post
Update on grooveshark client: Added to extras-devel

Do you have source somewhere for collaboration?

Thanks for your effort!

[edit]: just found your garage page. will be sure to check this out later!
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I have uploaded a new version with *some* playlist support and download progress bars. I also added a .desktop file

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thx for the app.
can't get this app to make any sound
I get a warning when starting groove.

you dont seem to have package gstreamer-0.10-plugins-good installed

some video features have been disabled
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hi Dotblank!
Thanks for your efforts. By the way, not meaning to be "nasty", but I would like the previous release back!!! I explain:
The last one was playing songs very well, and you could keep the app open and add songs for as long as you wanted; this one exit with fault after few seconds of playing...
The playlist menu still do nothing, at least for me! When you hit the "queue" button, to add songs to the supposed play list, it downloads them, witch in my opinion is faulty, but anyway, I was not able to know if the added songs would play because as I stated before, the app exit (close) before the end of the first song!
A suggestion:
Would not be better to have the possibility to tick (check) the songs you want to listen directly on the result list, then play the selected songs? Maybe after parsing the list to find the next checked. And so the playlist menu would have for only purpose to show the list of only "ticked" items.
Well I'm not sure my explanations are so clear! By the way, previous release was playing correctly, this one doesn't!
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when the app exit, there is a "segmentation fault" listed in xterm. I've also noticed that if you don't "queue" anything, the song plays flawlessly till the end, but as you add one to queue, the current song stop and the app exit with that seg fault ~ 20 secs later.
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When I choose a song to play it always plays some other song that isn't even listed in the search I made.
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This works amazingly good. My girl and her 3gs is jalous like hell now

Cant wait to see this evolve

Only issue i had so far is that it didnt start the download of 1 song.. but thats out of 20 songs.. and it might aswell have been my connection that was slow for a moment

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