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Originally Posted by leocor View Post
I'm having the same problem. I do get logged into my msn account and I can recieve messages from friends but when I try to start a conversation it just says No contacts...?
Anyone know what this is about?

By the way, gtalk works fine...

Same here!

I also tried restorting "Communication & Calender" from the backup after update (PR 1.2 )
Reinstalling msn didn't help either
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I think its a bug associated with the new firmware..
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I'm sure there is an issue with MSN pecan and PR 1.2

because when i open my contact when I'm MSN online , if i scroll down very fast until end in my contacts application. it will close immediately and internal error message comes up.!!!

when i disable MSN pecan , everything is back to be OK.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone faced the same issue?
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same problem here, clean flash with maemo cli flasher
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i notice that i faced the same problem ( internal error with contacts) with all MSN plugin ( Pecan &Haze&plugin)

any help?
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guys had all these problems but a reboot after each stage seems to work. i flashed PR1.2 using the flasher and restored the backup using the restore function on the device. signed into facebook/msn/ovi im chat and then restarted when i went back to the "contacts" screen it showed all my contacts. also i think you have to give the device a chance to recognise all the contacts. for the ones that didnt work, try removing the msn field in contacts first then re-add the field. make sure you give the device a chance to sign in properly and all your contacts should be updated and avaliable.

has anyone found away around the device opening up facebook chat as the default?

it seems as if the software update needs to have everything started from fresh, becuase it doesnt like original settings to be in place. i know its a pain but you could also try making a backup and re-flashing both eMMC and rootfs and then importing everything back.
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Sorry I might be a bit off but I thought you guys know about MSN

Is it possible to send New IM in Conversation to other accounts then Skype?

I added Pdigin protocols plugin for Conversations and Contacts
(also have MSN (pecan) protocol plug in istalled)

If I click on New IM I only see skype contacts.

PS: Of course I added all my acounts ICQ and MSN and seem to be logged in fine.

PS 2: I have MSN (Haze) and MSN (Pecan) Accounts I can set up. What is the difference.

My goal is to use conversations send new IM for any service (skype, MSN, ICQ) if this is possible.
Regards Markus
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i have the same problem with pecan and haze, my friends too...i think is a bug of new pr1.2 :s
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works fine for me
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got the same ****in prob too.have flashed 2 really ****ed up.i want to **** some nokia guy in his face.....

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