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I've noticed a lot of questions being asked about whether PR1.2 can do this or that and how some things are missing etc. It seems some people have overlooked some major changes.

To save some anguish to those who are downloading PR1.2 now around the world here are the things that I have noticed immediately and liked.

[Apparently some of these were also available in PR1.1 but i've left them here for sake of learning]

1. Video calling
Not direct. Cannot call phone to phone. Only use through skype and Gtalk. I never use phone video calling (too expensive) so I at least welcome this.

Also, new emoticons support for Skype.

2. Native web browsing in Portrait (with access to bookmarks and "back" button).
To activate go to "Options/Settings" to enable rotation.

3. Integrated FB chat.
Good to have official support. You need your facebook user name to log in.

4. New Share option via File Manager (no need for petrovich)
Surely we can agree this is good?

5. Better interface for Ovi maps (and now open maps by clicking on a contacts address)
I know. I know. Still lacking voice navigation and other fantastic features our symbian bredrens are enjoying.

6. Keyboard mapping changed. Pressing and holding a key allows the "blue" symbols to be used (no more holding the blue arrow key).

7. Calendar no longer opens up at 4am every morning. Bug fixed.

Also swiping the screen top to bottom (and the other way around) has a cool smooth transition between months. Previously you had a sharp transition when swiped left to right.

8. USSD codes now work. (try any USSD provided by your operator)
Very handy.

9. Email. Move Messages from folder to folder or to your N900's local storage.(pretty sure this is a new feature).
Hit "Inbox" at the top bar and "Move messages"

Search Email - Type anywhere in the email window and watch results show up.

Highlight Text in Email. Hold shift and use your finger/stylus to highlight text. No longer have to hit reply to have the option to copy text. Fantastic.

Delete email from the "new email" balloon pop up directly

10. Search apps catalogue dynamically (results show as you type a letter).

Also works with:
- Uninstall apps menu
- Music Files
- File Dialog

11. Mark and Delete/Share Multiple Conversations/Emails/Images.
This was a big problems for me. Now you can attach multiple images to emails or send them via bluetooth without doing one at a time. Hit the top bar and select "Share" or "Delete". Now you can click and higlight multiple items. Great no?

12. Re-arrange the menu as you like.
Press and hold any icon in the Menu to initiate this.

13. Get rid of "SMS" option to landline numbers.
Go to Contacts, and hit the top bar and settings.

13. Join Chat room? (new?)
If you go to Conversations there's an option via the top bar to join chat room. It only accepts "addressess". Yet to test/play with this.

[Updated with users suggestions]
14. Data Counter
Settings/Phone now allows you to view home network data counter as well as roaming data counter.

15. Video night mode introduced

16. Improved Battery Life
Some users are reporting a drastic performance increase. I personally havent felt the difference.

17. Browser
- Shift + up key (takes u to top of the page)
- Shift + down key (takes u to the far bottom of page).
- Rearrangement of controls
Back button now instantly takes you back without showing a "desktop" view of previously visited pages. I know people complained of having to take the keyboard out to hit "back" before.
(holding it down however does show you the previous desktop view)

18. Volume. You can finally adjust the volume when the phone is locked. Great for listening to music.
Also volume control is smoother. no more choppiness when increasing/decreasing volume.

19. Red Eye Removal added to "edit image" in the gallery.

20. Main camera now has two additional resolutions available (1.5MB and 3MB medium). Allowing for small images to be take for email etc.

21. Notifications (miss calls/text mssgs etc) show on lock screen without unlocking phone.

22. Call Type. When you open the dial pad you can enter a phone number and then select whether you want the call to be "Cellular", Gtalk or Skype.

23. EAP-TTLS+PAP authentication for WiFi is supported.

24. On screen keyboard has had a makeover.

25. Geotagged photos. when viewing a photo with geotagged location, clicking the cooridnates opens up the maps app to show you where the photo was taken.

I'm sure there are things I will come across as I use my tablet more and there are still bucket load of things i would like added but these are big changes and I'm glad these have come.

Other things

- Birthdays disappearing in calendar widget? Click here

- Full change log here
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So now you can attach image to an email?? Wow...good bye fmms.
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Originally Posted by romanianusa View Post
So now you can attach image to an email?? Wow...good bye fmms.
Multiple images at the same time. You could always attach "an" image.
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Also seems to be a Data counter in settings\phone that also counts roaming data separately too. I'm sure there wasn't one in there before ( that i didn't have to install myself)
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hmm strange but with the global pr1.1 i already had used ussd codes, maybe u just missed the function in earlier releases. but thx 4 all the infos anyway, great compilation.
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nop ussd only for PR1.2
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Are you sure? *#06# doesn't count btw, thats not a service command.
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I had to send my N900 for repairs today so only had about 5 minutes of playing around with the new firmware. Couple of things though:

1. The new search function in application manager - is it just me or is this one of the dumbest ideas Nokia have ever come up with? I may be wrong but you can only search by application name and you have to use the start of the name. Correct? So if you are looking for msn pecan for example you have to type msn to get anything. If you type pecan you lose. Also you can no longer search by application description.

2. With the new integrated facebook chat I have to sets of facebook contacts. Those on jabber and those with the integrated chat. How do I get the contacts in the new chat merged into the existing contacts? When something happened earlier in the week that caused the jabber contacts to become unmerged I used the FB Migrator app to merge them and it did it perfectly. Tried it today and it said all contacts are already merged. How do I merge them without doing it manually? Also I deleted my Jabber account but the jabber facebook contact details are still showing in all my contacts. How the heck do you get rid of that without going into each contact and deleting detail (which would of course take about ten years)?
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Moving emails worked in 1.1.1, I did it yesterday.

Also, what do you mean only one image to an email? I attached multiple files before? Also, it's not in the 1.2 changelog?
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Originally Posted by afaq View Post
9. Email. Move Messages from folder to folder or to your N900's local storage.(pretty sure this is a new feature).
Hit "Inbox" at the top bar and "Move messages"
This would be very useful, and it is also mentioned in the user guide, but I cannot see it on my N900. When I go to the Inbox, and hit the top bar, I get a menu with four options:
New message
Send & receive
Delete messages
Folder details
Is this where it should appear?

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