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Hello all

I'd like to present an Evernote client for n900.

Qvernote is in extras now! Thanks all for voting!

0.5.3 is out because n900 users deserve the Best!
God knows we suffer enough
In this version I bring you PDF and Audio files preview, GPS positioning updates.
Also, the thumbnails are rendered exactly like on Evernote web page.
This update closed the gap between Evernote client for lesser phones and this one!
With release of QtMobility 1.1 I'll add more exciting features.

I really hope this release is stable and bug-free, still dont hesitate to report any problem to me

0.5.0 is out
The next release of your favorite Evernote client is out!
Brings google maps support, improved favorites and
ton of bug fixes as usual.
Grab it from Extras-devel

New version is available (0.4.2)
You ask for it - you got it!

Check out the following exiting features:

Live search! - start typing on hw keyboard to begin search
Search by tags!
Sorting notes by creation date! (Ascending and Descending)
Several annoying bugs fixed!

As usual - read the disclaimer: No Responsibility for Anything!
Have fun

P.S: Check out the Grid View (turn it on from settings) and tell me if it fast enough

New version is available! (0.4)

A lot of improvements and eye candy in this magical new version
Check this out:

! New settings dialog
! Note view as list or grid
! Animated transitions - tap on a screen when viewing a note
to see the floating navigation controls
! Links in web clip notes opens default browser
! Faster operation

This client is already as good as the Android or iPhone client, and it will become even better if you'll help me to find all the bugs.

Unfortunately, your old offline DB will be erased and a new one will have to be built, so be patient on the first run.
The DB has been moved to a new location under MyDocs to take advantage of 32G partition

Please, report any bug/problem/feature here or by clicking "Contact me" in About menu

Qvernote is in extras-devel!!!
Start your app managers!
The new version fixed several bugs and added some cool features.

Warning: It may take a LONG time to synchronize large note store on first run, so be patient

Instructions for upgrading from garage 0.3-1 version:

1. Uninstall the old qvernote.
2. rm -f /opt/lib/libEvernote* /opt/lib/libthrift*
3. Install the new version
4. If install still fails, run the following on root prompt:
apt-get remove libevernote1.15 thrift0.2.0
and try to install again

Sorry, the package has to be significantly altered in order to pass autobuilder. Future upgrades will be fine

Big update!!!!

The first beta of Qvernote released in a goal to create a perfect Evernote client for n900
This beta can work in offline mode, no internet connection is needed. If you dont have an Evernote account, you still can use Qvernote as a regular notebook.

Other notable features:
Supports all kind of notes except CRYPT
Trash management (undelete only, expunge is not allowed on clients)
On-demand resource loading (conserve bandwidth)
Note zoom-in and zoom-out

As usual, no responsibility on any damage done to device/software/anything
This version has a lot of bugs I know of, and some bugs I dont know, feel free to report them here.

Now, I can finally work on compiling Qvernote for extras repository

Version 0.2 of Qvernote is ready!

Its still alpha, not all features are in place, but it looks nicer than 0.1 already.
Almose all kinds of notes are supportes:
Web notes
All kinds of attachments

Big warning:
I take no responsibility for any damage done to device/software or Evernote note store by using this client.

I'll be very glad to receive bugs/suggestions/design reports.

Have fun!

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Wow, if this is real, you're going to be a lot of people's hero-of-the-week ! :-)

Can't wait to try it out...
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Well this is good news. Always liked evernote. Have to battle Maepad and this one out to see which I like better on maemo.
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dont use evernote .. but will still thank you for making maemo apps ..
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anyway of making a version for OS 2008 as well?
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Does OS2008 has QT4?
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never used evernote, can this app sync my MS onenote notebooks?
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Any word on the package?
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Still learning how to build the package to include binary and 2 shared libs

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