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I hereby want to announce a Qt-based Spotify client for the N900/Maemo 5, called QSpot. The client is based on the official libspotify API. QSpot is now available for download from the extras-devel / testing / stable repositories, as well as from the project garage page at (standard disclaimers apply!).

Current features of the client are:

* Playlist and play queue (Now Playing) views
* Support for the Starred tracks playlist
* Search functionality
* Album and artist views (accesible via longpress on a track in play queue / playlist views)
* Play queue shuffle supported
* Scrobbling support for
* Settings dialog for e.g., search and music buffering parameters
* Playback control via headset
* Landscape and portrait modes
* Current language support: English, Finnish, German, Dutch, and French.
* Now also supports offline synchronisation of playlists (i.e., offline mode)


Some screenshots of the QSpot client in action can be seen below.

Feel free to try it out, and any feedback etc. are more than welcome!

QSpot source is hosted at

Update 8.4.12: QSpot version 1.1.0-1 is now also available from the Extras repository (
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Thanks alot - This was a nice Spotify-client.
1 question though - Does libopenspotify support offline playlists?
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Thank you very much for your feedback! Libopenspotify does not support offline playlists at the moment (the same is also the case for the official spotify library and despotify). Even though it could quite easily be added to the library / client, such a feature would allow to download and save music directly from Spotify, and thus would not be very popular with Spotify.
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I can give you some first impressions. like the gui and also that you can see when Qspot is loading/buffer sign/serching. I really like that you can change tracks with the keyboard. Looks and works pretty good already.

*press more than one time on the arrows(change track) will result in that the client closing.
*dubble press on a track will result in that the client closing.
*scrolling with keyboard and than fast pressing enter to start a song, oftan stops qspot to stop playing any track. you have to restart qspot before you will be able to play a any track(also get segment fault a few times when doing this)

my feature list
* sorting would be nice
* missing row of most played(sort on most played from an artist).

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thanx for your comments and feedback! Fumctions currently under development are sorting and e.g., album and artist views. There still exist a know issue with libopenspotify related to switching tracks too quick, also this is being looked into. Connection speed seems to be related to this, what connection are you using?
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Looks good - pity its still a Euro only think. Like tvcatchup and iplayer - sigh its the worst thing about being an expat.
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Ok. great.
Using 3G, can switch to my wifi

EDIT: yes, my third issue was not easy to reproduce with faster connection. But I can make the track stop, but just change to another track and play again. That is not possible with my 3G connection.

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Amazing work. Working excellently already. Easily the best Spotify for N900 so far.

Minor glitches fixed, few features added and little work on UI and it looks almost commercial.

Thank you for this app.
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Heh. I don´t have premium account but in login page at least for user name first letter is capitalized so is it capitalized for password also. If so then it´s a bug Also it would be nice to not capitalize usernames first letter.
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This works quite nicely. Buffering of the song before play was really quick! I'm using 3G. I really like that it shows how far it has buffered the song.

I also like the appearance somwhat and the logic behind the placement of buttons.

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