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I am not surprised, but I am a little disappointed. I was really hoping that the price of the N900 would stay around at least 400 until the fall.
I have a sneaking suspicion that I am gonna lose a couple hundred on this little device when I sell it later this year to get a WP7 phone. But i'll be glad to get rid of it anyway, so I guess it's a trade-off.
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Well, that happens in US only... and you'll probably lose more for the WP7 phone
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I know how it feels. sucks .... but on the flip side, we will have a wider user base
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Maybe they are trying to get rid of N900's ?
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Originally Posted by aligatro View Post
Maybe they are trying to get rid of N900's ?
I think it is more a case of people find it too expensive / less interesting when renewing their mobile account...

When I renewed this week, the guy in the store seemed happy when I told him I wanted a N900 ("thank God, now we are freed from the thing that lied around so long")
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its so cheap I want to buy another one!
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India is not as lucky as US is as far as price drop is concerned.. Here Nokia priority dealers are charging exorbitant price. The current price is Rs.28000 (USD 610) and there is no drop is prices as the N900 is selling like Hot Cake in India.. I guess it is to do with the fact the there are more tech savvy people in India who love N900..
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What's the point of trying to get more customers this way? When people knew about the MeeGo is coming and won't be on the N900? Seriously i think the support for the N900 is getting less and slower everyday gone passed. If MeeGo is made available on N900 then I reckon they won't have to keep lowering the price down but people will be getting it because the N9 is more expensive.
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iPhone 4 release and N900 price drop on consecutive days - you do the maths buddy.

Sure this has been mirrored by other handsets as manufacturers get rid of old stock to make room for the new things in the post iPhone 4 apocalyptica.

What quality of person will these new budget N900 owners be? Either a lot of students with spare time and skills to expand the community, or a lot of whiners expecting an iPhone/Android equivalent and being disappointed.
Nokia are a business and have chosen a path of using the OSS community phenomenon to reduce their overheads specifically after sales support and development. Unlike Apple who do the opposite and make a killing from their Applications store.
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If you buy a WP7 phone, the "couple of hundred" you might loose when selling your N900 is absolutely nothing compared to the features, speed and stability, not to mention the openess, you also loose.

In fact, if you buy a WP7 phone, I consider you lost.

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