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I think the ads were inspired by the members of this forum.

It's uncanny.

Edit: hmm, it doesn't look like the card says MeeGo:

Class .. : Power User
Humor .. : [#####-----] | Alignment: Pragmatist
Patience : [###-------] | Weapon(s): Galaxy Note + BB Bold Touch 9900
Agro ... : [###-------] | Relic(s) : iPhone 4S, Atrix, Milestone, N900, N800, N95, HTC G1, Treos, Zauri, BB 9000, BB 9700, etc

Follow the MeeGo Coding Competition!

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my USB port broke off, but im not angry... i can't feel anything anymore actually...

anyway, my guess is he lost his watch (yup, his left hand has no watch). and he needs a desktop clock widget on his n900, thus the release a useful app, a clock.
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how come such ovi-announcements never get me excited?

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They are from Finland!
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He's angry because he's been waiting for trap number 3 in the little boys room to become free for the past half an hour, and he's just realised that he's sh*t his pants.


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Because the new release of Meego won't run on his newly bought n900?
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We all know it's OVI's new move to promote indie developers. First on the list is Angry Man

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surely it can't be over that. It looks like such a crap thing.

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because someone stuffed a N900 up his ****??? he would've preferred an iphone4.
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Because he wasted his time reading through the legendary speculation of the release of PR 1.2 and got his fix of Chuck Norris, trololol, and who knows what...

bought n900, misstep, n900 owner, nokia, ovi store, ovitards, shitty comics, wtf comics!?

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