Poll: Which app would you like to win the OTHER category?
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Which app would you like to win the OTHER category?

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The poll is now finished, and after admin and mod help to verify the scores the final order was:

Old School

Thank you everyone for voting For further news or discussion please continue on the competition discussion thread.

There are 10 entries to judge from the OTHER category. And we'd like your help with that!

Some entries are substantial ugrades to existing projects while others are brand new. There are prizes for the winner(s), so try them out and please vote for the author/project you feel deserves to win

Please understand some of these applications are in the development and testing repositories and some are external to, there may be bugs or other issues that have not been discovered yet. You should be comfortable with that before installing any application. Also, zero flaming in the voting threads please.

Voting runs for approx a week. More info on these 10 entries can be found in the post below.

You have one vote in this category and it can't be changed later! So use it wisely!
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Cybot950 - Control a robot with your N9/N950
SMSPetFeeder - Build a Bluetooth/SMS dog feeder with Qt, N950, and arduino
Nerf950 - Use your N9/N950 to fire a Nerf gun

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Application name: BackupMenu (system image utility)
Author: robbiethe1st

Description: An application which allows you to make full backups of the RootFS(OS), and OptFS(extra programs), and then restore said backups. These backups(at least the RootFS ones) are also compatible with Nokia's Flasher utility, so you can restore directly, if you manage to make your N900 not even boot.
Do note that this is a bootloader-based application(backup not possible with the full OS running), so you have to reboot the N900 to use it.


-Runs at bootmenu-level; this allows RootFS to be unmounted and backed up.
-Backup full images of RootFS and OptFS
-RootFS Images compatible with Flasher
-Restore images, either or both
-Checksum of all images on backup and restore
-Save files to MyDocs or SD card
-No command knowledge needed

Extra features:
-Terminal access for fixing stuff(advanced)
-FSCK ability
-Extended USB Mass Storage mode that exposes OptFS.

How to install:
Install 'backupmenu' from 'extras-devel'
Or download it manually here:

How to use:
Reboot the N900 with the keyboard open. Thread:

Application name: DropN900
Author: jonnenau

Description: Client to view content, get and post files and manipulate your dropbox account data from your Nokia N900. Make an account today if you don't have one and see how you can share files over the network with your PC:s and mobile devices.

Present features:
Login with your DropBox email and password, one time authentication. An oauth access token is used on later sessions. You can remove auth when you like and re-login with same or another DropBox account.
Full DropBox access. Read/write to everything in your dropbox account.
Create new folder, rename file/folder, upload file, download file, remove file/folder.
Image file thumbnail preview, loading animations and showing results for actions.
Threaded networking (non-bloking) so you'll have a smooth user experience while network I/O is happening.


Other info: work done: 2,5 weeks from start to finish (version dropn900 0.1.0-6) approximately 50-70 hours.
used tech: python2.5, pyqt4, dropbox web api

Get it from: You'll need to have extras-devel enabled in your device repos.
App Manager - just search 'dropn900' category in 'network', its the only thing you need to install.
Terminal - sudo gainroot; apt-get update; apt-get install dropn900; Thread:

Application name: eye4
Author: Gryllida

Description: A simple Qt application for testing eyes vision acuity.


How it works
See the instructions at the right bottom of the screen.
Start pressing arrows on keyboard to indicate that you recognise the symbol. Its original size is 111.
With each successful choice, it decreases in size by one point.
When you can't, or reach size 1, its size gets reset.

The current and the previous best (smallest) score is shown at the left bottom.
The checking can be done with varying distance to screen and light conditions, one of the eyes closed, etc.

Keyboard shortcuts
To MINIMIZE the program, press Ctrl+Backspace.
To EXIT (close application), press C (close), E (exit) or Q (quit).
To HIDE or SHOW THE INSTRUCTIONS in the right bottom corner, press H or S.

Planned features
  • Keep the history of score results

Get it from: easily available via the normal and Nokia repositories - libqt4-core (>= 4.5.2), libc6 (>= 2.5.0-1), libgcc1 (>= 4.2.1), libqt4-gui (>= 4.5.2), libstdc++6 (>= 4.2.1), hildon-application-manager

Maemo Package URL: Thread:

Application name: KhtEditor
Author: Khertan

Description: A source code editor designed for Maemo and Meego devices, support Scripts and Plugins.

Currently still in development, the planned features for the first release are :
PyLint integration
Syntax Highlighting Python Source Code
First attempts of a plugins architecture
Customization of Highlighting colour
Portrait Mode support
Recent files
Auto Indent

Get it from : Source code available on gitorious :

Application name: N9Profile
Author: Bzouk

Description: N9Profile can create profiles for N900, fast change profiles ,set profiles based on event in calendars, location id from mobile network, profile based on WiFi network name, timed profile ( examample: silent profile for 4 hours) and profiles for incoming calls ( N900 will ring or not based on profile for mobile number) It is using "default" profile in N900 for change profiles settings.


Get it from: N9Profile is now in extras-devel. or
Download package
Upload to device, go to X-Terminal and sudo gainroot. Then apt-get install n9profil_0.1-1_armel.deb Thread:

Application name: Old School
Author: rmerren

Brief description: Turns your N900 into a crappy, old, and useless candy bar phone. Doesn't do much else, but it does show the current signal and battery levels


Features/work to be judged: Can't think of anything worth judging here (perhaps the "gratutious use of DBUS" category?), so I will just say: Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Get it from: thread:

Application name: qexercise
Author: Lullen

Brief description: qexecise is a program ment to be your brain at the gym. Why bother to think what exercise you should do, what set your at, how much time you have left on your rest between sets and not to mention remember what weight you had on that specific set last time you did that exercise? This is what qexercise is all about! It also include (for now) a simple calories/carbohydrate/protein/fat counter for you to keep track on how much you eaten while on a diet.


Features/work to be judged: All features that work as they should (everything)

Get it from: qexercise can be found in extras-devel thread:

Application name: Qvernote
Author: Alex (sharky76)

Description: Full featured client for Evernote with offline sync


Get it from: Extras-Devel thread:

Application name: Scout
Author: Nicolai

Description: Scout - Search Contacts, Conversations and Calendars.

You can search for text your contacts (names, nicknames usernames, addresses or phone numbers).
Calendar entries (events, tasks, notes)
And any text in your conversations.

An example is shown in the screenshot for searchtext "test".
The search result category is indicated by the different icons
on the left side (contacts, calender, sms). I use two different
kind of icons for sms and chat conversations and for each
two different icons (with and without the blue arrow)
to distinguish received and outgoing messages.

Selecting a search result has different actions:
-opens a contact details dialog for contacts
-opens the calendar app for calendar entries (agenda view)
-opens a new window with the full message text for


Get it from: scout 0.0.6 current version is not in extras-devel available, but I put a package on the scout thread thread:

Application name: TweeGo.
Authors:Mikhail Ramalho and Rodrigo Avelino

Description: TweeGo is a twitter client developed for Maemo 5 using Qt/C++. Combining great usability and excellent graphics, we managed to achieve an amazing user experience. .

Tweego Features:
+ See your timeline, using the more button you can see all your tweets
+ Tweet without need to go to the browser
+ Delete your tweets!
+ Favorite tweets!
+ Reply and RT a tweet!

New features for the competition:
+ New and smoother timeline!
+ Different colors for urls, mentions and #tags in timeline
+ More buttons inside the timeline
+ Tweet with your location via GPS or IP
+ Change user avatar
+ View a tweet's location inside the application
+ View twitpics inside the application
+ New mentions timeline


Source Code:

Depends: libqt4-core, libqt4-gui, libqt4-network, libqt4-dbus, libqt4-webkit, libqt4-maemo5 Thread:

That's everyone, good luck to all!
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Cybot950 - Control a robot with your N9/N950
SMSPetFeeder - Build a Bluetooth/SMS dog feeder with Qt, N950, and arduino
Nerf950 - Use your N9/N950 to fire a Nerf gun

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my vote goes 100 % to QEXERCISE!
first of all because I think that it's very helpful for who take care of their body,I been using it for a long time and I'm very happy of it!
then because Lullen even after that his phone got stolen gave us more then 30 updates to make it better!!
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Scout got my vote. This tool should have come as standard option with the n900. Palm had it already in the '90 s!!!
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I vote for TweeGo. First of all I don't have the heart to vote my own app DropN900

I actually used TweeGo to monitor the DropBoxApi twitter channel for announcements when I developed my own entry for this competition. Also I went and read the source code a little bit from gitorious and I really like the way you use Qt, seems very professional C++/Qt usage. Easy to read and see whats going on. I especially appreciate the amount of work you have put to the UI code. Very good work.
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N900 is an Internet machine!!! What is Internet without Twitter???? TweeGo has an advanced interface commented through all the Net (just google it). The development team is very active and performs several features asked by the community. Go TweeGo!!!! :-)
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Qvernote has my vote. The main reason I got a smartphone was to be able to take notes on the go and sync them with notes on my laptop. Thanks Sharky,
If I had a second vote it would go to Drop900...
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Very nice application.
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TweeGO, the app for N900!!
the rest is just test!! :P
Go TweeGo to win!
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TweeGO, for N900. wonderful...

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