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Gnumeric is available in extras repo.
Current versions:
1.10.12-2 in Extras
1.10.17-1 in Extras-devel

This edition of Gnumeric comes with some special changes for Maemo 5:
* start typing to enter edit mode with overwriting existent content of the cell (hit ENTER or one of the arrows to exit edit mode and apply changes)
* hit ENTER to enter edit mode (use LEFT and RIGHT arrows to move cursor in the edit line, press UP or DOWN arrow to set the cursor position at the begining or at the end of the edit line. Press ENTER to exit edit mode and apply changes)
* supports opening documents through Maemo File Manager
* use volume button to zoom in/out
* double tap on column/row header to open column/row popup-menu
* double tap on a cell to open cell popup-menu
* new keyboard shortcuts:
- Ctrl+Space - toggle full screen mode on/off
- Ctrl+Comma - toggle standard toolbar show/hide
- Ctrl+Period - toggle format toolbar show/hide
- Ctrl+P - toggle object toolbar show/hide
- Ctrl+M - show Manage Sheets window
If you want to report a bug, please do it on the bugtracker.
Feature requests please submit here.

Gnumeric is a spreadsheet application that interoperates well with other spreadsheets. It comes with plugins that enable it to deal with
commonly used spreadsheet file formats.
The following formats can be imported and exported:
- Microsoft Excel 2007 (.xlsx);
- Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP (.xls);
- Microsoft Excel 95 (.xls);
- OASIS XML, XML, StarOffice (.sxc);
- Comma/Character Separated Values (.csv);
- Data Interchange Format (.dif);
- Applix version 4 (.as).

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Great! I have v0.1 currently installed, this update must be a major leap thanks!

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If you dont have a wiki.maemo account and cant be bothered to create one you can inbox me your commands and I will add them for you.
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I've been using gnumeric via "easy debian" and this will make life much easier.

I like cake.
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no more annoying toolbars that had to be toggled on-off-on go get rid of.
arrowkeys to change cells and direct input in the cells. (without having t tap the textbox)

again: GREAT!!!
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Nice, just updated and has a cleaner interface. It crashed while opening an excel sheet that had pivot tables. Stopped crashing after the pivot table was removed.
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Tomasz (and also Thomas), looks like you really worked on the issues I wrote down into the comments section of package version 1.10.2 ...

Now there is a bugtracker link, the toolbars show up as expected and also the UI is much cleaner than before. No need for my special keymap with a fullscreen key on my N900. Now I have changed from 1.8.3 to 1.10.* in extras-devel at last.

Well, the LP solvers glpk and lp_solve are still missing (as they seem to be external dependencies since some versions ago), but who wants to solve LPs on a mobile device anyway!

Keep up the good work!
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Originally Posted by arcean View Post
- Ctrl+Space - toggle full screen mode on/off
Any chance of changing this to a different key combo? Reason is that CTRL-Space is used for toggling the input method in MSCIM. Maybe SHIFT-Space?

Anyway thanks for the update - it fixed the bug which caused gnumeric to crash out whenever you tried to format a cell.
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Originally Posted by arcean View Post
* double tap on column/row header to open column/row popup-menu
* double tap on a cell to open cell popup-menu
Many thanks for your work on this. I'm just wondering why you chose double-tap for these two things rather than a long-press?
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This is a very nice package that has many useful features for
representing data. Thank you for your efforts. I did notice a few
problems when trying to make a graph. First, I am unable to modify
the X or Y axis label because the region on the bottom of the screen
where you would enter changes to Font and Style is out of reach of
the stylus.

Another thing is that once you do make a graph, so that it now
appears on the sheet, the "Ctrl+Space - toggle full screen mode
on/off" does not work.

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