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Hi everyone

This is the announce of the proper version of my first Qt app
It's another File Manager with some nice features:

- Multilanguage support (english/spanish for now)
- Full filesystem navigation
- Root access for copy/paste/cut/delete files
- Share via bluetooth and e-mail
- Bookmars
- Personalized clipboard
- Multiple files selection
- Edit files with Leafpad / PyGTKEditor (with root access too)
- Autorotation
- Create folders and empty documents
- Order by date/size/name
- Thumbnails for images
- Open files using mime
- Compress using tar, tar.gz and

Version 0.7-4:
- Added Devices window

Version 0.7-3:
- Fixed open terminal in folders with spaces
- Added Russian language
- Added Chinese language

Version 0.6-8:
- Added option to apply custom icons to subfolders

Version 0.6-6:
- Added customize folders icons

Version 0.6-5:
- Fixed items textcolor

Version 0.6-4:
- Fixed landscape bookmarks button

Version 0.6-3:
- Added create symlink option
- Fixed bookmarks popup menu
- Fixed open x-term in user mode
- Added swedish translation

Version 0.6-2:
- Added custom names for bookmarks
- Added german translation

Version 0.6-1:
- Added "Paste from clipboard" and "Cut from clipboard" to tools button
- Fixed clipboard shortcuts
- Re-added sort functions

Version 0.5-8:
- Support password protection decompressing rar and zip files

Version 0.5-7:
- Support for commas in files for sharing

Version 0.5-6:
- Fixes in dependencies
- Check if zip/unzip/unrar are installed
- Current languages: English, Finnish, French, Spanish, Arabic

Version 0.5-5:
- Added open terminal in current folder
- Added autoselect files in clipboard when added
- Added fullscreen button

Version 0.5-4:
- Added symlink management problems
- Added monitoring current dir for changes outside filebox

Version 0.5-3:
- Fixed showing decompress content
- Added filter (quicksearch) bar

Version 0.5-2:
- Fixed open files using mime (docstogo supported)
- Added unrar support
- Added Notes to editors

Version 0.5-1:
- Fixes in edit files
- Added about dialog

Version 0.4-7:
- Added vi and vim editors support
- Fixed editing with Leafpad

Version 0.4-6:
- Fixed compress/decompress dependencies

Version 0.4-5
- Added decompress function for tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 and zip
- Fixed delete dialog
- Some other unsignificant fixes

Version 0.4-4
- Possibility to share multiple files
- Added fileinfo (date and size) like stock fm
- Current languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Finnish

Version 0.4-3
- Added zip compression
- Added autocomple support in addess bar
- Swith address bar between text/button

Version 0.4-2
- Change multiselection ui
- Added nano editor support
- Added hicolor icons
- Added shortcuts
Ctrl+A = select all
Ctrl+D = unselect all
Ctrl+F = select all folders
Ctrl+G = select all files
Ctrl+C = add selected files/folders to clipboard
Ctrl+V = paste selected files/folders from clipboard
Ctrl+H = show/hide hidden files and folders
Ctrl+R = clear thumbnails cache and reload folder


- For edit files you need to install Leafpad or PyGTKEditor.
If there's another great text editor just tell and I'll add to the list.
- For tar.bz2 compression maybe you need bzip2 (not sure cause I have already installed it).

Version 0.7.4 from extras-devel
Version 0.7.3 from extras-testing
Version 0.7.2 from extras

PD: Sorry for my bad english, it sucks...

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Originally Posted by CepiPerez View Post
PD: Sorry for my bad english, it sucks...
Your English is great mate, don't worry about it. Thanks for the app, I'll download it and get testing and feedback soon enough. If you could add text editor support for Nano I would appreciate it.

Thanks again
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How is it possible to select multiple files at once?
Thanks for your great file manager!
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Nano is for x-term, right? I'll try...

I think I should add a shortcut for this, like CTRL+A

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Originally Posted by CepiPerez View Post
- For edit files you need to install Leafpad or PyGTKEditor.
If there's another great text editor just tell and I'll add to the list.
Wonderful application, just two ideas:
- Could you add support for the built-in Notes application?
- Why do you use a different icon theme (Humanity) as default? The application seems completely non integrated with the rest of the system. It's a good feature to be able to change the icon theme, but as a default it should use the same icons than the other applications.

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Thanks for a great app!

It would be very nice if you could enable text editor support for vim and possibly emacs (or even better, if the user could customize the editor command himself, so that I could e.g. choose between "emacs" and "emacs -nw").

best regards
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A few comments:

1. Add builtin Notes app to the list of editors
2. Add NANO (aka PICO) to the list of editors
3. Move up-folder button to the right of the current path display, so that one could click it with his thumb while holding the device vertically in his right hand.
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I suggestion I mentioned in the other thread (I believe) is to the option to have additional info . In vertical mode to the right of and in portrait mode under the file name. This info could either be the date or the size.

In addition how about when typing having it "quick-filter" like the regular file manager. So you could type and it will only show the files that match what you type. Similar also to fapman when typing in the package list.

Last, why not steal a page from the firefox design?
* Have the top bar (up | home | location) be part of the scroll area of the file list, so when you scroll down, to goes up as well (like firefox's location bar) meaning you will be able to see more files on screen.
* Have the buttons on the right be 'invisible' unless you drag/scroll the windows to the left to show them. This can be achieved by having the button in the same scroll area as the file list and making the list the size of the screen so the buttons will be offscreen unless scroll-en to.

Great app! Thanks!
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Good application... Thanks
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for me the multi select is acting buggy, it seems to be only with images but i could be wrong, but with multi select activated, on entering a folder i find 10 or so files selected, i can replroduce it by just moving out of the folder and back in again, not always the same files or same amount of files.
compression seems to be working ok but i havent tested large files, will zip and rar come later?
anyway great update dude
my home on the net is symbian-freak/maemo-freak dot com.
come and visit

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