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Hello there.

I was so excited with brand new feature of Live Wallpaper 0.7+ application, that allows you to put looped video on the background, that I've decided that it's time for us to have our very own Sony XMB wave background.

I took youtube video from the user afxwinter (so all credits for excellent visuals goes to him and to him only) and encoded it to match n900's screen.

Here's the link to download it:

If anyone has another idea, what looped video can we use - post 'em here, I'll try to encode them and store here too.

List of available videos
Maemo UI improvements blog.

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How is the power consume using Live Wallpaper these days?
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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
How is the power consume using Live Wallpaper these days?
From what I saw in my latest testing - yes there is some overhead - especially if playing videos as one of the screens. That being said - its not really that bad.
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Ah okay, I was more thinking of the battery consumption.
Regardless, awesome job Wazd. Looks good.
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stars + flare


maemo strokes

(made with adobe after effects)
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Is it possible to reduce the file size from 3.02MB? It kind of jerks a bit when switching between desktops for me.
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The ideea of live wallpaper is not to show off with a fake ilussion of what u have but u cant use.
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Originally Posted by leetut View Post
you want to show your mates how much better your n900 is compared to their icrap = you turn your video live wallpaper on

you want to save your battery = you turn live wallpaper off

When the screen is locked with 'double tap on power button' the comsumption stop !

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@wazd nice one this little vid for live wallpapers

It's mostly for showoff imo, the cpu runs at a 100% when using it (only when on the desktop with live wallpapers)... No lagging/jerking here when shifting desktops, but then again i'm oc'd
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I have converted 3 live wallpapers to share with you.



they are from my post (#240) from the live wallpaper discussion thread.


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