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The creator of Tweetgo is not planning on adding any features or maintaining much going forward - and is looking for someone to take over this fantastic Twitter webapp (originally designed for use on N900's but I myself use it on my N810 and PC and it has easily become my favorite Twitter webapp).

Anyway, the creator, Mike Thomas, is considering releasing the source code should anyone want to step up and take over Tweetgo.

He can be reached on Twitter at @mbthomas
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i do hope someone does take it over, id hate it to close down its my favourite twitter app too
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Excellent post, I had been chatting with Mike recently and yes he really is looking to hand the code over but he wants as little hassle possible.

The web app by the way is written in MVC which he says is a bit harder to program in but please get in touch with him if you are interested.

Ive also hinted this to Jan Ole Suhr and hes potentially interested in doing a web version of Gravity also.
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So what happened with I noticed its back online and I'm loving it.

Where can I donate? And who to?
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Hey All -- author of here -- a couple things.

1) is up and running again (misbehaving VPS) and will remain up and running for the time being!
2) I also open sourced so if you want to host it yourself, you can:

Cool to see people are still using this long after I've stopped --- hope this helps!

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